Rome Film Festival 2022 beauty fourth red carpet



Ideas of glamor and beauty continue to arrive from the Rome Film Fest 2022. For the fourth day of the red carpet, Noomi Rapace shines, protagonist of the new television series Django. Here are all the best beauty looks spotted on the red carpet.

After Matilda De Angelis and Pietro Castellitto who presented their love (which flourished on the set) to the press by parading together on the red carpet, it is the turn of Noomi Rapace to capture the attention. For the fourth red carpet of the Rome Film Fest 2022, she is the brightest star of the evening. As well as starring in a new western TV series called Django presented by Sky, she won the Progressive Lifetime Achievement Award.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

The Swedish actress, in addition to a look readily appreciated by fashion addicts, has not denied even the beauty side by gathering her hair in a high bun, wet effect with a tuft pulled back. The smile brightened by the powder lipstick and the bronze smokey eye complete the beauty look.

Rome Film Fest 2022, the beauty looks of the fourth red carpet

Among the most precious beauty looks of the fourth red carpet of the Rome Festival, the one proposed by Lisa Vicari did not go unnoticed. The young star, already known to Netflix audiences thanks to the television series Dark, has joined the cast of Django and is sporting a high, rigid bun, well braided, with a side jewel detail on the red carpet. The hairstyle is the work of Massimo Serini. On the make-up side, the actress opted for a well-marked eyeliner and shiny lips.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati / Instagram / Massimo Serini

Camille Dugay Comencini proposed a hairstyle that reinforces the wet effect. With her long wet look, she revived the hazelnut shades that seduce fall 2022. Still on the make-up side, the actress offered nude lips and a look enlivened by a black pencil and voluminous mascara. Stella Egypt gathered her brown hair into a low ponytail, with a tuft on the side. The make-up side illuminates the look with a glittery inner corner and light-effect nude lips.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

Cristina Donadio returns to the Rome Film Fest 2022 red carpet and offers a classic beauty look: strawberry red lips, glow effect blush that illuminates the face and smokey eye that recalls the total black look. Stefania Sandrelli accompanies her look with classic makeup, from glossy pink lips with a silver umbrella to well-defined mascara. The hairstyle is persistent: curly hair, with a semi-lateral tuft, which touches the shoulders.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

Malika Ayane arrives at the Rome Film Festival with a beauty look to imitate: the singer offered very short icy blond hair, enlivened by wide and harmonious braids. On the make-up side, she added more intensity to the look with a dark smokey eye, with the addition of silver glitter.

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