Rome Film Fest 2022 the most glamorous beauty looks



Now that the 2022 Rome Film Festival is over, we can track down all the beauty looks that have swept the red carpet by setting the trend. From Benedetta Porcaroli to Miriam Leone, here are the stars who gave ideas on makeup and hairstyles.

Returning to the red carpet is always welcomed by celebrities, especially when they are so beloved. And it’s always a wonder to admire their beauty tips, because most of the time they always take us. And it was by stepping on one of the fall 2022 trends that Benedetta Porcaroli conquered the 2022 Rome Film Festival. She opened the festival with the first red carpet, sharing the stage with Kasia Smutniak. The young actress, muse of Gucci, proposed a long square with hazelnut hues, which follows the Nutella Brown trend so loved by Cara Delevingne. And, not happy, she also added voluminous curtain bangs that wrap around the face.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

Miriam Leone, on the other hand, knew how to conquer with her bob cut with a regular cut, extra smooth, with a center line and a copper hue, perfect for the current season. The actress does not deny herself, with well-defined eyebrows and a delicate smokey eye that frames the light eyes, offering a winning beauty look.

Rome Film Fest 2022, the most beautiful beauty looks of this edition

Kasia Smutniak ushered in the first red carpet of the Rome Film Fest with her undisputed charm. Beauty-wise, the actress pulled her hair together in a straight, wet-look bun, focusing on the dark-toned smokey eye and coral-red lips. Matilda De Angelis seduces with a delicate makeover: classic chignon, with rebellious tufts that caress the face and make-up in ethereal tones. The candy pink lips are reminiscent of very light eyeshadow: the look is completely won over by the fine eyeliner. Last jewel, the eyebrows brushed upwards.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

Anna Safroncik did not want to go too far, proposing a smooth fold that marries the coppery nuances of the hair and a light makeup, glow effect. Noomi Rapace is one of the beauty revelations of this red carpet. In Rome to present Django, she gathered her hair offering a wet effect, while on the makeup side she exploited bronze nuances. Giulia and Silvia Provvedi, aka Le Donatella, made their film debuts as protagonists for La California and, on the Roman red carpet, they offered a very similar beauty look. The two sported very sleek wet look high ponytails. On the make-up side, the twin actresses revived the look with a dark smokey eye, gold inner corner and glossy lips.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati

Nina Zilli also contributed to the beauty look of this Rome Film Festival 2022. The singer, for the red carpet of La California, proposed a crop giving a new breath to her bob cut, with a fringe in side curtain. On the make-up side, she took advantage of the cat-eye and nude lips. The Cat Eyes fan is also Lisa Vicari, from the cast of Django. On the Roman red carpet, she pulled her hair together in a high bun curated by Massimo Serini.

Credits: Teresa Comberiati / Manila Nazzaro / Instagram / Gucci

To close Manila Nazzaro, with her slightly wavy bob cut with dark roots and her cat-eye brightened up by a bronze-effect smokey eye. Finally Emma Marrone, back in the movies and on the red carpets with a total Gucci look and a gathered bob cut with a wavy side tuft. Makeup is all about the look with a bold effect.

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