Rock Expert: These products are almost free



Rock Expert: These products are almost free. Incredible offers are on the agenda and relate to different sectors

The November flyer features some really crazy news. There is a wide range of items belonging to the world of technology that are inimitably reduced.

The new Expert promotions (Facebook)

In an increasingly consumerist and bargain-conscious world, the Black Friday season always brings some seriously crazy deals. Chasing the opportunity to buy has become a very popular trend and a company like Expert is the case for many of us.

We find on the brand’s new flyer, technological objects that are offered almost at cost price, with really significant discounts. By searching the catalog, we will certainly find something useful to renew our domestic repertoire.

When we refer to large stores, being able to count on large quantities of sales, it is possible to arrive at unprecedented promotions. Attracting the customer is the main must and in this expert is the master. Looking at the November 2022 flyer, taking advantage of “Black Friday”, there are sought-after coins offered almost for free.

Unrivaled expert: November circular offers are crazy!

New offers from the Expert group (Facebook)

Taking a look at this month’s Expert catalog, we can immediately cite the Samsung brand as an example. Staying in the world of smartphones, the Galaxy S22 with 128 GB of memory can be purchased for 699 euros.
This is just one of the countless examples that the company offers on the official website. The brands involved in the deals are absolute excellence such as Oppo, Apple, Realme and Xiaomi.

Obviously, the list is much longer and is not limited only to phones, but also extends to other very popular categories, such as televisions (also in promotion linked to the Qatar 2022 World Cup), household appliances and computers.

To explore in as much detail as possible the offers that are part of the flyer, just go to the Expert website and search through the offers section. There is something for every taste. Seeing is believing.

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