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Beloved Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane died today aged 72.

Known primarily for his work as Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” franchise and as Valenti Zukovsky in “007 vs. Goldeneye” and “007”, Coltrane had suffered from health issues for two years. Details of his death have not been revealed.

To celebrate a career filled with great movies and series, we’ve prepared a short list of your top 5 roles.



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Movie: Henry V

In 1989, Kenneth Branagh directed the acclaimed and legendary adaptation of ‘Henry V’, based on William Shakespeare’s play of the same name and considered one of the English playwright’s best reinterpretations of all time. Here, Coltrane teamed up with Branagh to play Sir John Falstaff, who, despite not getting as much screen time as the other characters, caught our eye for the actor’s flawless performance. Falstaff is a fat, redundant, swaggering knight who spends most of his time drinking in a tavern with cheap criminals, who live off stealing or borrowing.


Series: Cracker

“Cracker” is one of the best-known crime dramas on British television and brought Coltrane into one of his best roles. In the production, which ran between 1993 and 2006, the actor played Dr. Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald, a criminal psychologist who works for Manchester Police to help them solve crimes. The character was named after poet Edward FitzGerald and won Coltrane no less than three consecutive BAFTA awards – something only three other legends have won: Michael Gambon, Julie Walters and Helen Mirren.


Movies: 007 vs. Goldeneye; 007 – The world is not enough

Of course, an actor as iconic as Coltrane couldn’t be left out of one of the most famous franchises of all time: in 1995, the actor was cast in the 17th film in the James Bond saga, ‘007 vs. Goldeneye’, as the villainous Valentin Zukovsky. The character is portrayed as a Russian mobster and former KGB officer who helps Bond arrange a meeting with Janus. After having lived it with passion, Coltrane took over Valentin in ‘007 – The world is not enough’.


Movie: Harry Potter (1-8)

Easily one of Coltrane’s best-known roles, Rubeus Hagrid won the hearts of fans of the “Harry Potter” saga, both in books and on screen. The actor poured his heart and soul into the character and filled him with a fatherly build that always cared for the titular little wizard and stood by him and the heroes of the story from beginning to end. In the franchise, Hagrid has functioned as keeper of the keys and grounds of Hogwarts, as well as being responsible for rescuing Harry from James and Lily’s house after their murder and functioning as Albus Dumbledore’s right-hand man. .


Series: National Treasure

The “National Treasure” miniseries likely slipped under their radar, but it certainly wouldn’t be forgotten on our celebratory list. Here, Coltrane plays Paul Finchley, a comedian beloved by his fans for decades, until a scandal changes his and his family’s life forever. Accused of having raped seven women in the 1970s, he is today the target of investigations by the press and the police, and suffers the consequences of being the main suspect in this criminal case. Sharing the spotlight again with Walters, he earned a BAFTA nomination for his incredible performance.

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