River Island: The TrendSetter Fashion Brand Of Our Times UK 



Are you looking for a multi-faceted brand that sells all kinds of fashion clothing for both genders located primarily in the UK? Then wait no more, as River Island is the store name you should know about. 

We are going to give you all the details about the River Island store that you should know before investing or shopping for it.

What Is River Island, A Luxury Brand Or A Global One? 

River Island is a fashion clothing brand that originates from the United Kingdom as it was established in the late 1940s by the founder Bernard Lewis. River Island is a brand that sells to all trends that are globally followed as it has established all around the world with both an online and store presence! 

Now, you must be wondering what clothing gender is the primary focus of River Island as a fashion brand that can be considered globally recognised in demand and purchase. Well, River Island not only serves a variety of women’s clothing but also men’s clothing including all ages, teenage fashion, kids wear, as well as pets trendy clothes. This proves that River Island is a brand that has all kinds of options you might be looking for to wear and be in the latest trends. River Island frequently launches large collections that are designed to suit fashion cultures around the world with a focus on quality and variety delivered to customers.

River Island’s headquarters exist in the main city of London, United Kingdom; however, overall, it holds 125 branches globally. River Island has upgraded their quality and inclusivity in fashion throughout the years since its establishment. It’s important to know how the River Island brand has expanded its branches and fashion collections at large from its old brand name Chelsea Girl. River Island, before changing its original name which was Chelsea Girl, was more popular among women’s clothing fashion, with women wearing trendy clothes. They expanded to other ages and genders as the brand gained trust and popularity. 

River Island is a top brand that has approximately 250 in-store branches in the UK, as it started as a local brand. However, now that the brand of River Island has long fixed its roots in the global market from its English base.

River Island Brand History 

River Island is a brand that has expanded itself with the new eras and trends that have come and gone since its establishment in post-World War 2. It started with a man named Lewis, with an idea to cater to English women’s fashion post World War 2 to give something back to the women as well as flourish in the English clothing industry. Lewis Bernard started alone and, by 1950, was joined by his 3 brothers to expand the business of what is now called River Island to 9 stores in the local fashion industry, hence becoming a Bernard family brand. the brand was then renamed “The Lewis Separates‘ throughout the 1950s. 

It was not until the 1960s that the brand of River Island gained huge market fame amongst women wear fashion as women all over the UK loved their designs and trendy wear. The now-brand River Island then renamed itself again to Chelsea Girl as it grew to impeccable heights in the era of 1965. With a boom in its reach all over the English region with approximately 70 stores made, the brand saw newer heights and a large customer base, then rebranded itself and increased its variety as well as designs. Hence, with River Island brand’s then rebranded name of Chelsea Girl, a wave of trends was adopted by girls and women in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s with Chelsea Girl, River Island brand becoming the trendsetter of dresses, and is now seen retro designs gaining charm and fame. 

Then, moving onwards to the era of the 1980s, as the world advanced and progressed in the fashion industry for both men and women, the brand River Island expanded its business to include a men’s collection and so changed its identity to the current brand name, The River Island.

River Island: Range Of Clothing Lines 

River Island is one of those top inclusive brands that have always been the first in the market to adopt a fashion trend or include in clothes collections for people of all ages and serving both genders: men and women, teenagers, and kids, river island babies collection as well river island maternity clothing collection. River Island also includes the trends of the times and what the people prefer or demand. They have also expanded to launch a whole collection of River Island pet clothing. 

River Island has now expanded to a huge online presence where their official website has not only a clothing range offered but also their e-magazine, which includes content including the latest fashion trends as well as other topics including makeup, fashion, clothing, beauty secrets that you can read and update yourself with.

River Island is in tune with people’s demands and preference policy where they have become unique for their in-trend fashion ranges, specifically all over the UK and now internationally!


River Island is a fast-paced brand that has had an age-old presence since the post-World War 2 time, and they have incorporated and designed clothing ranges of all styles of times that have gone by and are yet to come. 

We hope we have answered your curiosity regarding the brand River Island; you can also visit their official site and experience all that they offer!

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