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Riccardo Guarnieri, it’s all over: Maria De Filippi communicated it to the knight



Riccardo Guarnieri returned to the throne of men and women and had a very special journey: now it’s all over

The Knight of Taranto had an ultimatum from Maria De Filippi that demands a quick response. After returning to the dating show, he wreaked havoc in the studio with his historian ex Ida Platano.

Riccardo Guarnieri 16102022

In the next episodes, the spotlight will be particularly focused on Riccardo Guarnieri. In recent days, the knight seems to have definitely bonded with his former historian, Ida Platano, despite the reaction seen during the studio clash between the lady and new knight Claudio. Just during the episode, a tough clash between the two aired with Riccardo ironically asking the hostess, “I was excited because you, Maria, asked her for something and you immediately got a answer. I’ve been asking for years and never had. Ida I wanted to invite you to dinner, for the emotions I felt”.

In response, the annoyed lady said: “Riccardo maybe you didn’t understand anything, I’ve been waiting here for years. You saw me practically destroyed, what were you looking at then? What more proof do you want? When you made me the invitation I told you that I had to think about it, but to tell the truth the answer was already no. As I’m not cynical, I saw that you were sick, I didn’t want to say no right away, but sitting there I felt that our story was over”.

What will happen to Riccardo Guarnieri? Maria De Filippi gives him an ultimatum

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Beyond this little theater – seen and seen again during the meeting show between the two – Riccardo Guarnieri seems more and more projected towards Federica Aversano. Her interest is so obvious that Maria De Filippi issued an ultimatum to the knight asking him to make a decision once and for all: either stay in the parterre of the finished throne and stop dancing and chatting with her forever, when the opportunity arises. present, or go on the side of the suitors of the tronista.

Federica Aversano has never exposed herself to Riccardo Guarnieri until now, but there are those who believe his throne won’t last long. In recent episodes, in fact, the tronista has burst into tears for an undetermined reason and risks deciding to retire.

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