Revolution in Rai, everything changes: unexpected stop at Paradis des Dames



Le Paradis des Dames ends surprisingly: it is the decision of the Rai programming for the next few months and the one that surprises the loyal public

It is not uncommon for Rai to change his schedule during the work, despite the fact that the standard one has already been formalized for months. Sudden needs, news in the race and much more can change its aspects.

Ladies’ paradise (web source)

One of the programs likely to undergo major changes is the well-known soap opera Il Paradiso delle Signore, a television program loved by many Italians, who every afternoon are determined to witness new intrigues related to the Milanese department store in the 60s. . .

Despite the high daily crowds, Il Paradiso delle Signore will have to stop. But beware, this is only a temporary stop due to programming requirements imposed by broadcaster Rai Uno for the next few weeks.

Don’t worry: The Ladies’ Paradise only stops for the 2022 World Championship

The indiscretion is clear. Le Paradis des Dames will have to stop in a precise and already known time frame: the Rai Uno soap opera will not be broadcast between November 28 and December 9.

The reason is linked to the most anticipated sporting event of this end of 2022. It is the World Cup which will start next Sunday in Qatar. Given the time zone, several matches will be played around 2 p.m. Italian, all broadcast by Rai. Therefore, to avoid overlaps, the Ladies’ Paradise will be sacrificed for two weeks. 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Fifa.com)

Therefore, the schedule of the first channel changes between the end of November and the beginning of December. News that the most loyal viewers of Il Paradiso delle Signore may not like, as they reward fans of international football. Too bad the Italian national team is not present at the World Cup, as it already happened in 2018.

Another news announced by Rai in the last hours. The date of the final of Ballando con le Stelle 2022 has changed, Milly Carlucci’s show is broadcast every Saturday evening on Rai Uno as the weekend’s flagship program, but the last episode will change the day of programming: it will take place on Friday, December 23, to avoid broadcasting it directly on Christmas Eve.

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