Revision | Unwelcome guest – Amazon Prime Thriller starring Dennis Quaid brings paranoia and obsession to conflict



Paranoia is something that, when it hits, is very difficult to deal with. The idea enters your head and settles there like a parasite, preventing you from seeing things from other angles – often, the right angle from which things are happening. Paranoia evolves into obsession, which completely blinds all traces of reason in the brain and makes the individual capable of unimaginable actions. From the conflict between these two elements is born the thriller ‘Unwanted Guest’, released by Amazon Prime.

Scott (Michael Ealy) and Annie (Meagan Good) are a wealthy and successful young couple who live in the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco. But they’re planning to raise a family, so they decide to buy a more secluded home in Napa Valley where the kids can grow up outside. This is how they find Charlie Peck’s (Dennis Quaid) home, a beautiful and spacious property with a well-maintained front yard and deer roaming the nature reserve to the rear. Scott and Annie decide to close the deal, certain that they have found their dream home, however, it won’t be so easy to get rid of the previous owner of the house, as Charlie is gradually showing some appreciation. little obsession with his old property. .

The concept of the neighbor obsessed with the new family isn’t entirely new, but the way this story is told is what makes the difference to the viewer. In the case of ‘Unwanted Guest’, one key difference brings narrative freshness to the production: the main couple is a black man and a woman, and the obsessive neighbor is a white man. The three actors, in fact, are doing very well in their roles, imprinting the emotions befitting their characters as the episodes progress.

The direction of Deon Taylor builds a good thriller of the cat and the mouse, which mixes the happy family atmosphere, full of dreams, with the gradual demolition of this happy dome, through the ex-owner who is makes a good friend and sticks to it very subtly. stick their claws out and show that they don’t really want to let go of the bone. Facing a threat as a friend is much more complicated than fighting an open enemy.

Although well executed, David Loughery’s script takes a detour at the end of the second arc, losing focus to what is presented a bit. Such a deviation leads the characters to adopt unnecessary attitudes, which give the feeling of just filling the production space and distracting the viewer.

For those looking for a fluid suspense option, without big scars but with a good storyline, “Unwanted Guest” is exactly that kind of movie. You can see without fear, and still enjoy a little paranoia if you are a person who lives in a house.

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