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A good horror or thriller movie manages to keep a percentage of its story shrouded in a mystery that only reveals itself towards the end or the end. It is this unknowing that most fans of these genres seek in most productions that reach theaters and streaming platforms, however, maintaining that climate of mystery is precisely the right boiling point that these productions are attempting to achieve. to achieve, but which, however, much of it cannot achieve. There is, however, a considerable percentage of stories that manage to achieve the right level of audience involvement, and a good example of this type is coming to Brazilian theaters this week: the Italian horror feature film ‘O Ninho’.

Samuel (Justin Korovkin) is a 12-year-old paraplegic teenager who lives with his mother, Elena (Francesca Cavallin), and family employees in a large house, and these employees provide security, the cleaning and maintenance of food for all who live. the. Although he is bored because he has no one to talk to and cannot walk, Samuel lives well in his bubble, following all of his super strict mother’s instructions. However, the arrival of the young Denise (Ginevra Francesconi), a fifteen-year-old teenager left on the property by her father to be looked after by Elena, will shake the obedient posture of the innocent Samuel, and the contact with this girl who came from outside can expand the world of the unhappy boy.

Written by Roberto De Feo, Lucio Besana and Margherita Ferri, the screenplay brings a different take on the concept of the “bubble boy” – that child overprotected by a parent, who won’t let him leave the house for some reason -, placed in an atmosphere of suspense and terror with a threat invisible to the eyes, but present in every scene. To favor this decor, the artistic and photographic direction made the show on its own, positioning the camera at angles that incite the actors to doubt and contrast with the background imprints of the old rooms of the mansion, reinforcing the idea of ​​prison in the mansion.

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In about an hour and forty, director Roberto De Feo transports the viewer into a story that is developing very slowly, but the end of which gives a very interesting twist to everything that has been built – and the whole thing is revealed so quickly, which, if you blink, able to eventually miss. So be careful, and when it all unfolds you’ll still be sitting in the movie theater for a long time pondering how the movie left subtle – if subtle – clues throughout the story, and you probably don’t. not even noticed.

For those who love a movie with a simple story that surprises you in unexpected ways, ‘O Ninho’ is the best premier option in Brazilian cinemas. Well done, with good argument and weird characters, this is a surprising horror film, which looks like other productions of the genre that have had a lot of success with audiences, which cannot be cited for naught. no spoiler. ‘O Ninho’ is a sure bet for good suspense.

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