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In 2016, theaters were inundated with tears and more and more tears shed by viewers who went to watch “Like I Was Before You” thinking it would be a cuddly romance, and were confronted with a romance. drama of unexpected resolution. Indeed, a large part of the public did not know or had not read the books of the writer Jojo Moyes, and therefore did not know what to expect. Now, five years later, the author’s last book-based film hits Netflix: “The Last Love Letter”.

Ellie (Felicity Jones) is a journalist with a very truncated personal life, because since she ended their relationship over a year ago, she can no longer afford to love. One day, she finds a letter lost in the diary’s archives – a love letter that tells the interrupted story of Jennifer Stirling (Shailene Woodley) and journalist Anthony O’Hare (Callum Turner). Determined to find the end of this story, Ellie asks Archivist Rory (Nabhaan Rizwan) to help her find out if there are any other letters lost in the journal attic.

Divided into two phases – now and the summer of 1965 on the French Riviera – ‘The Last Love Letter’ is a round love film, with all the elements needed to build a thrilling story: a cute couple of protagonists for whom we twist; a beautiful costume, highlighted by places of dreams; the relevance of preventing the happy ending, with an important background which invites the reader / spectator to reflect on the subject. The mixture of all these elements is an invitation to fall in love with ‘The Last Love Letter’.

As this is a beautiful story written by a renowned author that raises expectations, the screenplay by Nick Payne and Esta Spalding strives to encompass all the emotion that only Jojo Moyes can produce, but ends up taking some slippages, especially in the dead of days. current. The connection between the characters Ellie and Rory ends up being pushed back when it goes beyond the natural level, which automatically causes the viewer to take a much more interest in the story that takes place in 1965. Part of that slash has probably to do with the final cut of the long and shortened scenes that could gain a few more seconds to allow us to enjoy the love story a little more.

The great success of Augustine Frizzell’s film is that it brought in the duo Shailene Woodley and Callum Turner to play the main couple. Seeing the two on stage gives a bit of chest heat, as the chemistry of the two convinces the viewer to immerse themselves in the story. The director also made a good choice in choosing to give more space to the story of the past than to the present, although in the last third of the film she launched into the plot to close the plot, while the first arch occupies a much larger space. It would have been nice to balance all the cores, but it’s not that bad for the movie either.

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‘The Last Love Letter’ is a heart-warming emotional film, reminiscent of the form of ‘Letters to Juliet’. It’s a great movie to watch alone or together, one that was born to be a favorite with many people.

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