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Steven Soderbergh is synonymous with elaborate and complex stories that almost imperceptibly humanize even the most unlikely characters to audiences. It was like that with ‘Traffic’, ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’ and ‘Erin Brokovich: A Woman of Talent’. Today, during the opening week of the HBO Max platform in Brazil, the director is back with his latest film, ‘Nem Um Passo Em Falso’, a complicated puzzle in which no one is what ‘he seems to be.

In 1954 in Detroit, Curt Goynes (Don Cheadle) received an unexpected service from Doug Jones (Brendan Fraser) to stay in a family for $ 5,000 with Ronald Russo (Benicio Del Toro) while Charley (Kieran Culkin) took Matt Wertz ( David Harbor) to get an important document in the safe his boss keeps at work. However, as you would expect in gangster movies, things get out of hand at some point, and Curt and Russo will end up teaming up to find out who actually hired the service, after all, Greed speaks louder and louder. , if it is worn the big boss, they will be able to earn more money for the service. But greed is precisely the problem in this shady way of making a living, and the document may be of greater importance than they realize.

If all those names weren’t enough, ‘Nem Um Passo Em Falso’ also features very special guest appearances from Matt Damon, Lucy Holt and Ray Liotta. This gives the dimension of the importance of working with Steven Soderbergh for the career of an actor, and it is not surprising: the film is very well directed; all the characters are well constructed, with deep backgrounds that make them questionable in the eyes of the viewer; the production takes on an atmosphere of suspense that keeps us interested until the end in all of the pieces featured in the plot, feeling unable to guess for ourselves what the real reason for everything is.

Ed Solomon’s script begins with Curt Goynes’ character to gradually insert each of the other elements, so that over the nearly two hours of duration we untangle this interconnected tree from the Mafias of the Detroit underworld. , which mixes descendants of Italians, people who changed their names when they arrived in the city and black mobsters who were already conquering their estates at the time. Tying it all together is a true story that surprises the viewer at the end and leaves us with the feeling that there really is no way to escape such a disgusting chain as corruption.

‘Not One Step In False’ is like a really well shuffled deck of cards, but it requires attention with every move on the stage, after all, as the title itself says, you have to be in compliance not to do too rapid a movement when the subject is the mafia. Steven Soderbergh strikes once again with this beautiful production, with a very confident and comfortable Don Cheadle in the role and a cast which is nice to see again on the big screen.

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