Revision | Grande Tubarão Branco – ‘Fear Deep’ producers’ thriller arrives on VOD in Brazil



Among the many categories of horror films, there is one that is of great concern to audiences: those films that take place underwater. With more suffocating characteristics, these productions tend to have as a great threat not only a possible end of the oxygen available for breathing, but also – or especially – the existence of predators ready to feed on the protagonists of the film. This is how the unpretentious “Fear Deep” ended up winning the taste of the public, and, consequently, the arrival of “Grande Tubarão Branco” (a new film from the same producers as this one) on the platforms rental on demand has raised high expectations in the public. However, the result is a bit uneven.

Kat (Katrina Bowden) and Charlie (Aaron Jakubenko, the darling of ‘Tidelands’) are a happy couple who run a small travel agency through which they offer single-engine plane rides over the beautiful beaches of the Australian coast and from around. One day, they get a call from Michelle (Kimie Tsukakoshi) and Jo (Tim Kano), who want to fly over a more distant beach – which means a good reward for the indebted micro-entrepreneurs. However, while taking the couple there, they find the body of a tourist devoured by what appears to have been the bite of a white shark. Worried about the possibility of another lost tourist, the group decides to go find the lost boat, but they did not know that the danger was still there …

As this is Martin Wilson’s first feature film (until then his works were short films), it is possible to highlight some of the insecurities that ‘Grande Tubarão Branco’ presents, both in the cut and (and especially) in the construction of the environment. strain of marine predators. However, even though we are generous in considering that at least the aerial shots are well done and that the location is magnificent, with heavenly white sand beaches and perfect seas, the conclusion is that in the real “Grand Tubarão Blanc “, it is very weak.

Michael Boughen’s screenplay offers an insecure story both in its screenplay and in its construction. Jo’s character is rude free of charge, with the sole justification of offering an alternative conflict for the time of agony in which the five characters await a possible rescue. In fact, the script aims to justify the past and the attitudes of the characters, however, instead of building these paths for the viewer to connect with them, it only voluntarily tells the characters about the peculiarities of their lives to tourists. strangers, as if this is something natural even in stressful situations.

Unlike ‘Deep Fear’, ‘Great White Shark’ is a very irregular thriller, which offers almost nothing of fear or even threat. Even the big shark effect is a bit crass, but for those who enjoy this kind of aquatic horror movie, it’s a home-watching alternative as newer movies in this genre don’t debut for the big one. public.

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