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A few days ago, the word “cringe” appeared on social media and TTs. Quickly, people searched for the meaning – and came face to face with themselves. All because today’s xófens have decided to call the crowd in their thirties or more, which is part of the adult world but with a cooler demeanor, a cringe. Well, to better understand what that little word means, check out the ‘Generation 30 and Few’ series, release of the week on Netflix.

Daniel (Angelo Spagnoletti) is a single person who dates through the app to find the perfect girl, able to talk about topics of interest, like the movie ‘The Terminator’. Along with his best friends Luca (Gianluca Colucci) and Sandro (Fabio Balsamo), they are partners in an investment startup, and in their spare time they both save Daniel from getting stuck with the girls. Until one day, in a confusion of information, Daniel meets a mysterious girl named Magda (Cristina Cappelli), who is perfect in every way, and he truly connects with her. But when he returns home, he finds out that the real Magda has never been to meet him, then Daniel realizes that he has fallen in love with a completely unknown woman.

“Generation 30s” is a totally cute series in many ways. For starters, it’s an Italian production, so seeing these handsome young men speaking Da Vinci’s language makes it all very exciting. If that weren’t enough, it takes place in a small coastal town in Italy very similar to the recently released Pixar cartoon “Luca”, with colorful and cute little houses, a water fountain, bicycles that ride. descend and the sun beating down on your face. To this dream scenario is added the duo of the protagonists Daniel and Mathilde, who are nice to see and we immediately hope that they will stay together.

One of the most delightful things about Constanza Durante, Davide Orsini and Laura Grimaldi’s script for Francesco Capaldo’s idea is that it intersects moments from the present, in the 2020s, with flashbacks from childhood. characters, in the mid-1990s. of the series is completely nostalgic, showing children discovering how to use the Internet, how to connect a computer, encyclopedias that have become obsolete, and even pornographic tapes, which many teenagers have smuggled into the world. school to pass on to their peers – at a time when there was no such video available to anyone. Merit from directors Francesco Capaldo and Alessio Maria Federici, who managed to balance exactly the right tone to tell a romantic and nostalgic story at the same time.

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‘Generation 30 and Few’ is a very tasty series, which presents an unimaginable universe for many young people and adolescents today. Because of the novel’s bias, built in just eight episodes of less than thirty minutes each, it’s a great idea for a marathon at a time to see the happy ending, as we’ve done so much with classic romantic comedies from the 1990s.

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