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Stories about westerns and the North American Gold Rush permeated the foundations of American cinema, which for decades devoted itself to producing films whose stories centered on white men entering as yet unexplored lands. from the west of this country, often subduing the natives by fictionalized tale which has always placed them as heroes. With a completely different proposition from all of this, the famous “First Cow: The First Cow of America” ​​is now hitting Brazilian theaters.

Cookie (John Magaro) is a man who is part of a campaign in the Nevada area with a company of brutal and rude men. Cookie, on the other hand, is more empathetic, in addition to being responsible for feeding the group – and therefore has to search the forest for provisions. It was during one of these incursions that he met the Chinese King-Lu (Orion Lee), a fugitive who was being chased by the Russians. Cookie decides to help the man and, years later, their destinies intersect again and the two decide to start a business together, making fried cookies for sale in the countryside port town after the arrival of the first cow on the territory.

The concept of ‘First Cow: America’s First Cow’ is unusual to say the least and makes us think about how the little things sometimes have a huge impact on the dynamics of a community. The mere arrival of a cow – a non-American animal, brought from Europe by the first settlers – in a raw and isolated region imbalances and generates ambition in the men of this place, and a whole story is being built around the arrival of this animal. .

Based on the book by Jonathan Raymond – who wrote the screenplay with Kelly Reichardt – the long part of the present moment to step back in time and tell the story behind two skeletons randomly found by a girl. From there, the script first unfolds by introducing the shy character Cookie and how he and King-Lu meet, and then showing how a good deed from the past has a comeback in life – and how, over time. time, people will show your true intentions. .

The sensitivity and empathy with which director Kelly Reichardt sews her “First Cow: America’s First Cow” is why the film was nominated and received so many awards at festivals around the world. However, the shyness of the main character makes the functionality simply common, without bringing growth or return for its protagonist. The production also includes a special appearance by Toby Jones as the Boss, bringing his dramaturgical experience throughout the production.

‘First Cow: America’s First Cow’ is a quirky film that offers a fresh and sensitive take on a period that Hollywood already explored a hundred years ago, but now returns through a more humanized narrative of other types of men who also participated in the gold rush.

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