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Being a parent, raising a child, is a very, very difficult task. There is no time to begin or to end, and, above all, it is not this wonderful 24-hour world that the seventh art paints: in reality, there are many attempts and few successes in the art. trip. In an effort to give a more real-life look at what it’s like to be a first-time dad, the feature film “Fatherhood” debuts this weekend on Netflix. And prepare your handkerchief, because the film is fascinating!

Matt (Kevin Hart) and Lizzie (Deborah Ayorinde) are pregnant and about to have their first baby, however, a twist of fate forces Matt to become a solo dad. Panicked to find himself in this situation he never imagined he would find himself in, Matt does everything he can to learn on his own how to take care of his own daughter, Maddy (Melody Hurd), not least because his mother, Anna (Thedra Porter), and her stepmother, Marion (Alfre Woodard) watch him, because they want the best for their granddaughter, even if it means raising her far from her father. However, Matt is focused on raising his own daughter and will spare no effort to achieve it on his own.

Everything about “Parenthood” feels like comedy – the synopsis, poster, title and, in fact, the main actor, after all, Kevin Hart has starred in several comedies, such as the recent adaptation of “Jumanji” and the classic “Everybody’s Panicking 3 ‘. It sounds like comedy, but it’s not. It’s a drama, quite precise, the objective of which is to portray the experience of parenthood in solo without the fictionalized look that the film industry has built over the years.

To this end, the screenplay by Dana Stevens and Paul Weitz, adapted from the real novel by Matt Logelin, divides the film into two very obvious parts: the first, more loaded in the dramatic part, in the expectations, in the errors and in the countless difficulties with which Matt finds himself alone in the role of father; and the second part, which raises the dust in this dark phase of the protagonist’s life and takes on a lighter tone, over the years and Matt now masters the art of being a father, although he is now faced with d other challenges, related to needs and your daughter is growing up away from the family.

Paul Weitz masters his film well, without letting “Paternity” lean too much on the dramatic or comic side: on the contrary, he endeavors to show to what extent this relationship has always been dual, with the benefits and sacrifices that are part of it. . the responsibility of being a father. All of this helped by a moving and convincing performance by Kevin Hart, totally at ease with the theme, showing himself ready to take deeper flights than poppocão films.

“Fatherhood” is a beautiful and heartfelt portrayal of the bittersweet feeling of being a father (or mother). Without fear of being blunt, this is a film that opens the game to the insecurities and misadventures of adults when that moment arrives, gaining the immediate empathy (and identification) of viewers. A beautiful film to watch at the start of winter, to warm and soften the hearts of moms and dads.

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