Revision | Explosive Duo 2: And The First Lady Of Crime – Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L. Jackson Save The Continuity Of The Franchise



When the first “Explosive Double” debuted in 2017, audiences reveled in a rather surreal story about a hitman and a sentimental bodyguard, played by the incredible Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds respectively. . The chemistry and improbability of these two characters being forced to collaborate with each other towards a common goal is what set the comedic tone and drove the success of the first film. Now, four years later, the sequel, titled ‘Explosive Double 2: And The First Lady of Crime’, hits theaters.

Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) has lost his bodyguard license, and as he cannot overcome this loss, he sees a psychologist, who advises him to take a sabbatical and try to enjoy life as a citizen. ordinary. That’s what he tries to do, until he gets dragged his vacation to Italy by Sonia Kincaid (Salma Hayek), who asks him for help rescuing her husband, Darius Kincaid (Samuel L Jackson), who was kidnapped and asked him to get Bryce’s help. Annoyed and a little short of options, Bryce agrees to embark on this mishap, but having no idea that dealing with his old rival would end up being the least of his problems.

The motto of “Dual Explosive 2” is completely weak. To develop the sequel based on characters created by Tom O’Connor, the script by Phillip Murphy and Brandon Murphy introduces a new element with the aim of destabilizing the unbalanced balance of the protagonists: the alleged lady of crime, the wife of Kincaid. Isolated, he is the worst character in the film, constantly delaying the development of the plot and shattering the jovial atmosphere between the protagonists, as he literally complains to Kincaid all the time about a honeymoon he promised. but that is not fulfilled because of the bullshit they got themselves into; when not, Sonia complains about how badly she wants to have a baby and that Kincaid isn’t trying to get her pregnant. In a fun action movie, it’s really, really boring. To make matters worse, Salma Hayek gives her character a performance so shamefully caricatured and plastered that it does not convince. She seems to make an effort to pretend to be a mean, cool bad girl, but the result is closer to an annoying aunt who keeps swearing all the time to prove she’s part of the gang, but that’s not the point. case. There isn’t a scene where she fits into the movie.

A nice surprise is the cast called for the new characters, which includes names like Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, who brighten up the production. Fortunately, the editions of Patrick Hughes’ feature film remain the highlight, bringing dynamism, agility, and synchronicity to the action scenes that fit perfectly into the handpicked soundtrack, with Brazilian music in the end credits.

Out of sync, ‘Explosive Double 2: And The First Lady of Crime’ is a far cry from its predecessor, but it causes laughter thanks to the lead duo whose acidic chemistry continues to work. Available in Brazilian theater premieres starting this week, it’s the kind of absurd action flick worth a ticket through the unlikely story, starring such proficient actors as Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. .

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