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Are you an animal lover? Specifically, dogs? Are you one of those people who can’t see a furry pooch and immediately want to go there to play with him, take his picture, pet him, even change his voice and want to bring the little creature home? Well, we know that many people are like that, but there is also a group of people who, although they love animals, prefer to see them from a distance, because they are afraid and do not feel safe. If you feel like one of these, then the right choice for your entertainment is the romantic comedy “Parade of Hearts”, which has just been released on the Netflix platform, which has been in the Top 10 for several days.

Magda (Anna Próchniak) works hard at work. She organizes events, takes care of the boss’s schedule, takes care of suppliers and always makes sure that everything is timed 100% according to her plan, because, being in control of everything, nothing can go wrong turn. So she organizes a big party for her boss, Zula (Monika Krzywkowska) because, that day, a promotion would be announced and Magda would certainly take the job. And it all really does happen, however, in the middle of the celebration, Todd, Zula’s sausage dog, escapes and ends up eating all the chocolate cake, which quickly puts him into a coma and 911 is called. Faced with the tragedy, Zula dismisses Magda, who, outraged by what has happened, decides to turn the tide by obtaining an exclusive: to cover and show behind the scenes of one of the most important parades of dachshund dogs in Poland, which his boss always had. I had tried to get it before.

For those who enjoyed “Looking for a Love that Likes Dogs” (2005, currently available on HBO Max), the imprint of “Parade of Hearts” is very similar – in the canine aspect -, however, in the romantic department. , it leaves a lot of wish. It turns out that the screenplay by Wiktor Piatkowski, Natalia Matuszek, and Marianna Pochron expands on every edge except for the cake topping. And then what happens is that by dint of eating the edges, when we finally get to the filling, we discover that it is empty. In the space of an hour and a half, we see how Magda builds much more trust with the young Karol (Iwo Rajski) than with her father, Krzysztof (Michal Czernecki), giving the clear impression of discovering a maternal desire well more than feeling an amorous impulse – a truncated plot point, as Magda and Krzysztof don’t flirt, they don’t hate each other, they just start working together as two colleagues.

But Filip Zylber’s film is a great and beautiful tribute to dachshund dogs, bringing a real parade of these cuties. They’re all there: the shorts, the stocky ones, the mustached ones, caramel, black, painted, hairy, mixed race… and the film still shows, superficially, the aggressive and rebellious characteristics of this race – marks that are part of the sausages ‘ personalities, but who are often not represented.

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Romantically, “Parade of Hearts” is a smash hit, however, it has a sun-kissed atmosphere frequented by sausage dogs in nearly every scene, catching our attention every time they appear. For those who love a film with doguitos, ‘Desfile de Corações’ is an essential romantic comedy; for those who are afraid, this is good advice to see how to look for ways to overcome trauma.

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