Review | One Piece Film Red – A new film FINALLY tells (a little) the origin of Shanks



If you are a fan of the ‘One Piece’ series, you must have wondered, one or more times, throughout these more than twenty-two years of travel, the origin of certain characters who have already appeared in the saga but who , for many reasons, eventually died out at some point in history. There are many, many characters, and most of them end up earning a dear place in fans’ hearts, as happened with the pirate Shanks, aka The Red, whose background explanation is missing. to fans for over two decades! Well, finally this mystery has been (partially) solved in the film ‘One Piece Film Red’, the fifteenth animated feature film of the franchise and which arrives, for the very first time, in Brazilian cinemas from from this week.

Uta (voiced by Bianca Alencar) is the most famous singer in the world, but whose face no one knows. Aware of her reach and her potential, she decides to make a single and unique show in which she will appear to everyone, and which will be broadcast on television in all four corners. Thus, the Straw Hat gang decides to go to the show, as Luffy (voiced by Carol Valença) has an old history with the singer. However, although the initial reunion is friendly to all parties – and despite the show’s location being infested by several pirates, in addition to the general public – little by little Uta’s objective becomes increasingly clear. for the Straw Hat gang, and no, it’s not. it doesn’t seem like a good thing. From now on, Luffy and his crew will have to join forces with all the pirates present to fight a great threat hanging over the theater.

Lasting two hours, the great asset of ‘One Piece Film Red’ is to be able to fill a small void that has been hovering for too long in the hearts of fans: the origin of the character of Shanks – who is he, who is his relationship with Luffy and Uta, the story of the hat and how they all ended up breaking up. Just for bringing this, “One Piece Film Red” is already a gift for anime fans.

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Still, it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the cast of characters the movie brings. In addition to the Straw Hat troupe and the protagonist, four other groups with different characters make up Brooklyn El-Omar and Tsutomu Kuroiwa’s script for the manga created by Eiichiro Oda. This means that for two hours the viewer jumps from core to core to follow the plot, which in turn also goes back and forth in time. In other words, you have to pay lots and lots of attention to what’s going on because “One Piece Film Red” brings a huge crowd to the action and a long amount of time.

On the other hand, Gorô Taniguchi’s feature film manages to please both the root fan who followed the manga from before the 2000s to the current gallery: if on the one hand the film partially solves the mystery of Shanks, of the other he brings the cute Uta, with his way of singing and dancing in the ‘Just Dance’ style, which is so popular with children. ‘One Piece Film Red’ is therefore an explosion of color and light for pirates of all ages.

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