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Review of “She-Hulk” | The Marvel series is a necessary comedy



Released under strong suspicion, She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes had the challenge of overcoming the poor first impression left by the trailers, which had undergone CGI. There are instances where these flaws can be overlooked for a good plot, but what the first trailer showed was really messy. With video game looks, it looked like Marvel was about to release one of its biggest flops. However, with the series already wrapped, She-Hulk managed to exceed expectations and establish itself as one of the best productions Marvel has ever made, especially in terms of series for Disney+.

But one thing caught my eye: the absurd amount of gratuitous hate the show received. In addition to following the production on a weekly basis, even to do the analysis you read here, I managed to have a good involvement with the episodes because I saw many -sad-situations- of the world in which we live to be brought to the screens with an approach that bets on good humor, but without losing the seriousness of the themes themselves. It’s a series that has everything of a good Marvel story, with more topics of debate that are aimed directly at female audiences. And even if you are not a woman, it is almost impossible for you not to recognize and/or not regret most of the situations presented there. On the face of it, it’s a bit sad that the show is getting so much hate so far, nearly a month after the last episode was released.

The story follows Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), a Los Angeles lawyer who finds her life turned upside down after having an accident and being infected by the blood of her cousin, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Now, with the irradiated blood flowing through her veins, Jen begins to transform into the She-Hulk, with one difference: she manages to maintain her consciousness and control when she becomes the Hulk. So, living in this strong new condition, Jen must learn to face the world if she is to continue working and living as a woman in her thirties.

The first point to highlight here is the adaptation work carried out by the creative team. They managed to bring together the best of some of the most famous phases of comics in a single production. In addition, they managed to integrate important themes of current events to become part of the life of the protagonist. It is identification with the public. So even in a position of obvious power, Jen remains exposed to unfortunate situations, such as bullying, bullying, machismo, ghosting, revenge porn, and more. If you’ve never been through something like this, you probably have a friend, girlfriend, or family member who has. And the way these problems are presented is very didactic, which only enriches the series.

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Tatiana Maslany and the stunt team

The storyline of the series is definitely one of the highlights of the series. Not only for these already commented questions, but to finally fully understand the format of the series. Over the past two years, Marvel has invested in this format for streaming. But the productions did not always understand that these were series, and not six-hour films divided into chapters. Running against this error, She-Hulk worked too well on this episodic format, in which each week brought a different and interesting affair to follow. Even if they wanted to do a second season where Jen defended a Marvel hero/villain for a week, I think audiences would follow.

Speaking of these rings, the way they were introduced to the show was very organic, allowing it to expand the universe and bring in characters that no one ever thought they’d even see on screen. The only episode that leaves a more trailing feeling is precisely the wedding, which features one of the hand-to-hand fights of the protagonist against the antagonist. But the justification given by Jen herself, who confesses to the public that this episode is ridiculously disappointing, is so good that we can close our eyes. After all, a friend’s wedding never comes at the right time.

Ever since I broached the topic of vindicating the protagonist to the audience, breaking the fourth wall, Jen’s classic skill in the comics, was a big concern of mine. That’s because it’s a fun tool, but it has to be well-designed or it’s ridiculous. And its use was well balanced, never letting the audience disconnect from the episodes. And, of course, they kick the bucket in the final episode, bringing exactly what a fourth wall-breaking in a comic-book-inspired production could bring: a direct conversation with its “creator.”

All this was only possible thanks to Tatiana Maslany, who also came to the role of Jennifer Walters completely discredited, for being a short and skinny actress, who shuns the look of Jen in the comics. However, she used her talent and charisma to build a believable, fun, and complex Jen. Going one step further, her short stature and stature provided a fantastic contrast to her character build, who hated being She-Hulk, but physically gained everything she ever dreamed of: being a tall, strong, beautiful woman. with shiny hair that she draws. everyone’s attention, wherever it goes. This clash between who she is pervades the episodes and is part of her process of acceptance. The actress has understood this well and embraces the character.

Cameos were another big hit on the show. Introducing significant characters and others completely expendable from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, She-Hulk affirmed the concept of a shared universe. There are heroes, villains, and anti-heroes that exist in this reality, some with their previous stories already worked out, others not, but coming to the show ready to add to the plot.

Thus, the Abomination (Tim Roth) has the chance to show his point of view on the events of The Incredible Hulk (2008) and to be ready to be reused in future productions. Wong (Benedict Wong) continues to be a jack-of-all-trades, flirting with magic and more serious humor, and, of course, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, which has been given a makeover – literally – and ends the series ready for production which is already planned for the next few years on Disney+. All this without diverting attention from the real protagonist: Jennifer Walters.

Finally, my favorite point of the series and probably responsible for so many tears a month after the end of the show: the metalanguage. As the series has this strong humorous imprint, it takes the risk of escaping conventional humor a bit and relies on a parody of Marvel fans themselves. It’s really funny how they play with comic book fans, with piracy of MCU products, and with their own critique of that universe, like when Jen walks up to Kevin Feige and says some people see her work as a formulaic and repetitive. . Sensational.

In the same way, the series pokes fun at the arrogance of an audience that was excluded from it a few years ago, but now has a brief spotlight largely thanks to the studio’s productions, and already thinks of itself as superior. to others on topics such as gender and prejudice. The show isn’t saying that every nerd has bias, but it’s clear to anyone who leaves their room at least once a day that there’s a lot of bias in this group. The show’s villain being a Reddit admin was one of the show’s best takeaways. And if you don’t fit the label of a bigoted asshole, don’t be offended. It’s not you the show is making fun of. Now, if you’re the joke of the show… Look, there’s still time to get better, because that’s how the world sees you.

It was a bold move on the production’s part to mock its own audience and point out the hypocrisy of some supposed fans, who demand loyalty to the comics, but came to the public to complain, curse and cry precisely because the series was faithful. to comics.

Because of all this hatred that some keep pouring on the series, I went to review all the production to see if any details had escaped. But no. She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes follows Marvel’s biggest hit of the year so far. The series’ only “weakness” may be the support core, as Jen’s friends even serve as a tool to promote Easter eggs, but that’s about it. Apart from them and the CGI, which really leaves something to be desired (even if it doesn’t hinder the immersion in this universe), it’s a fantastic series!

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes is available on Disney+

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