Review | Belchior – Just a Wild Heart – The cry of an almost indecipherable poet of Brazilian popular music!



Presented at the Festival é Tudo Verdade 2022, Belchior – Just a Wild Heart shows us through his own testimonies throughout the many interviews he has given throughout his career part of the trajectory of this composer, singer, lyricist who used his music to talk about life, youth, about ordinary citizens subjected to life, who are not interested in any theory, with the aim of helping reflection. Fame, success, disappearance also generate thoughts, reflections. The positioning of artists on social issues as well. At a time when culture is being hurt daily by a government that fails to see the transformative power of art in people’s lives, it is always good to remember or even meet people who in their thoughts have reproduces the existential essence of a timeless Brazil. The film will also be screened at the 2022 Rio Film Festival.

Born in the north of Ceará, one of the children of 23 brothers, the most prosperous of them, he left for São Paulo to make a living from his art. He lived the day, lived the night without precision in his artistic definition, which was the sum of many influences. In about an hour and a half of screening, we follow his impactful arrival in Brazilian popular music, his way of thinking of walking towards death while thinking of winning in life.

Through pain and uncertainty, is there a way to discover the power of joy? Owner of a charismatic reflection on what he saw in life, he reflected on life in the Northeast in the big city, especially when he arrived in São Paulo to earn a living in the world of the arts. There is a profile of the northeast in the gaze of a man who constantly reflected on his origin. Religion as an influence, popular song in the city’s festivals, his vision of a region, of a people, everything he has lived, seen, read, from poetry to music. Affirmation of ideas and feelings within a contemporary, timeless and North-Eastern work while enshrining the idea that men have no permanent roots. At certain moments in the documentary, poems and words by the artist are recited by actor Silvero Pereira from Ceará.

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An adventure full of romance? A view as a job? Emerging from the underground, his arrival in music as a profession is guided by a strong poetic feeling, in addition to references such as: Luiz Gonzaga, Joao do Valle, Jackson do Pandeiro, the Tropicália movement, the Beatles, and more popular music of his time. . His encounters with big names in music, such as the singer Elis Regina, who recorded one of his most famous compositions, Como Nosso Pais, are quickly shown.

The film reviews some details of his most consecrated album, Alucinação, released in the mid-70s and which somehow inaugurates the distance with the boring metaphor of the time in an interpretative discourse, a work of confrontation with reality where not only latin american boys without bank money felt represented but all those who in one way or another saw that in order to live, you have to resist your dreams and believe in them.

Yawning or morning dreams? Delirium in your experiences with real things? Participating in democratic movements, Belchior, adept at loving and changing, brought to light the problems of the hitherto new generation, in a quasi-paradigm of what would be the fundamental action of supporting daily life without compromising with the past.

The formula of trying to decipher the artist in a sort of “Melchior por Belchior” is more than fair. You can finish this documentary and feel like running to discover Belchior’s songs, eternalized in the constant and radiant universe of Brazilian Popular Music. A beautiful work by directors Natália Dias and Camilo Cavalcanti.

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