‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City’ director reveals how reboot will be different from movies with Mila Jovovich



Director Johannes Roberts told ComicBook why his “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” will be different from the 2000s franchise starring Mila Jovovich.

“The point is, times have changed, I think. When the first movie franchise came out, adapting a video game was widely seen as “people know the name, so take the franchise, take the name… and do whatever you want to do,” says Roberts. “Just take the name and do whatever it takes, add value. Over the past 20 years, that has really changed. It has become a real respect for the game. I think games have just developed and have become very sophisticated as well. It was this idea that became fundamental to the way we launched [o filme] and the way we’re going, like, ‘Look, let’s get serious.’ “

The director even promised that the film will be scarier:

“Let’s do a super scary horror. To be the horror guy that comes along and like, let’s really do something scary, dark, terrifying, that matches the tone. It was just a really exciting thing that didn’t have it all. just not been done before with the previous franchise. It was very funny. ”

Recalling that “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” will be released in national theaters on December 2.

Production will adapt the storyline of the first two games and, like the original, will take place in 1998 and feature the events of Raccoon City surrounded by zombies. Spencer Mansion and the Raccoon City Police Department will appear in the film.

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The feature film received a high Rated-R rating (for those over 17) for “bloody violence and adult language”.

The cast also includes Kaya Scodelario as Claire Redfield, Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker, Avan Jogia as Leon and Lily Gao as Ada Wong, Neal McDonough as William Birkin, Chad Rock as that of Richard Aiken and Donal Logue in that of Brad Vickers.

In addition to directing, Roberts signs the screenplay alongside Greg Russo (“Mortal Kombat 2021”).

Since Capcom released the title that ushered in the survival horror genre in 1996, ‘Resident Evil’ has grown into one of the most successful game franchises of all time, with over 100 million games sold in the world. With nearly 25 years of history, the series has gone far beyond video games and obtained film adaptations, in addition to having inspired attractions in theme parks. With six films produced by Constantin Film, “Resident Evil” grossed over $ 1.2 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing video game saga on the market.

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