“Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark”: the director talks about a possible season 2



In an interview with ComicBook, Eiichiro Hasumi, the director of ‘Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark’, raised the possibility of the animated series returning for a second season.

“I believe if enough people watched ‘In the Absolute Dark’ and asked for more, a second season would be a possibility. And I would love to see that happen.

Don’t forget that the 4 episodes of the series are now available on Netflix!

Check out the trailer:

“In 2006, there were traces of unauthorized access to the President’s secret files found on the White House network. US Federal Agent Leon S. Kennedy is part of the group invited to the White House to investigate the incident, but when the lights suddenly go out, Leon and the SWAT team are forced to shoot down a horde of mysterious zombies. .

Meanwhile, TerraSave staff member Claire Redfield discovers a mysterious image drawn by a young man in a country she has visited while providing support for refugees. Haunted by this drawing which seems to be the victim of a viral infection, Claire begins her own investigation.

The next morning, Claire goes to the White House to ask for the construction of a wellness center. There, she has the chance to find Leon and takes the opportunity to show him the drawing of the boy. Leon seems to feel some kind of connection between the White House zombie outbreak and the bizarre cartoon, but he tells Claire it’s unrelated and leaves. Over time, these two zombie outbreaks in distant lands will lead to events that will shake the nation. “

Enjoy watching:

When the virus spreads again, only a pair of veteran zombie killers will be able to bring the situation under control.

Remember that the streaming giant is also developing a series of live-action games, which will include 8 episodes.

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