“Reginald, the vampire”: Jacob Batalon will be a vampire in a television series based on a children’s romance novel



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jacob Batalon (“Spider-Man: Away From Home”) will star in a vampire-themed series for NBCUniversal.

Entitled “Reginald, the Vampire”, the attraction will be based on the children’s literary saga “Fat Vampire”, written by Johnny B. Truant.

The series will follow the routine of an unlikely hero, Reginald Baskin (Batalon) who plunges headlong into a world populated by handsome, fit and conceited vampires.

As an ordinary boy, Reginald experiences his own dilemmas, such as being rejected by the girl he loves, dealing with the bully at work and a vampire boss who wants to see him dead.

Fortunately, Reginald discovers he has cool powers, something he never thought possible.

With 10 episodes ordered, the adaptation is being written by Harley Peyton (‘Twin Peaks’), who was also hired as a showrunner, alongside Jeremiah Chechik (Burn Notice).

In turn, Chechik will be the director of the attraction.

Recalling that the two worked together on the series ‘Chuck’, with Zachaty Levi between 2007 and 2012.

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As of now, there is no scheduled debut for the series and no other confirmed casting names.

First published in 2012, the “Fat Vampire” book series includes six titles, which are “Tastes Like Chicken”, “All You Can Eat”, “Harder Better Fatter Stronger”, “Fatpocalypse” and “Survival of the Fattest ”.

Unfortunately, the work has not yet been translated into Portuguese, but it is only a matter of time before that happens, if the adaptation is successful here.

Meanwhile, Batalon will reprise his role as Ned Leeds in “Spider-Man: No Return Home”, which will be released on December 16, 2021:

The film is expected to follow Peter Parker’s new battle after being publicly exposed by J. Jonah Jameson at the end of “Spider-Man: Away from Home”.

Amy Pascal will act as the producer of the sequel alongside Feige, representing Sony and Marvel respectively.

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