Refresh Your Bedroom: Summer-Inspired Interior Designs



Not only does June signal the midpoint of 2024, but it also signals the arrival of summer. With the changing of the season, you may find yourself itching to have a change in environment. Holidays are, unfortunately, expensive. Especially with the cost-of-living crisis. So why not change your bedroom around? Infusing it with a summery feel, making it less boring and more exciting. Opening your bedroom up, making it light and airy! 

Some Simple Basics 

Before getting into the variety of interior design styles you can use to transform your bedroom into a summer getaway, there are some simple changes you can start with.  

With it getting warmer, you’ll want to swap out your heavy duvets and cosy covers for lightweight quilts and cooling covers. Think about natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. From there, consider changing your heavy curtains or thick blinds to sheer or light-coloured curtains. These will let in the natural light, brightening up your room.  

Don’t forget the importance of natural materials. You can incorporate wood, bamboo and rattan throughout your room in your furniture and decoration. Alongside fresh flowers or plants, which add a sense of vitality and promote healthy air quality. If you’re not the best at looking after plants, consider something that requires little care like a succulent or cactus! 

Coastal Interior Style 

Inspired by everything coastal, nautical and beach related, this design embraces the relaxing beauty that comes with the seaside. Your colour palette wants to be soft and gentle. Reflecting the sky, ocean and sandy beaches; think about soft pastels, blues, beiges and whites.  

With a focus on creating a sense of openness and peace, coastal interiors tend to follow a minimalistic approach. Eliminating clutter from your shelves, drawers and surfaces allows your space to be clearer.  

This isn’t to say you can’t decorate your room though! The décor for this design usually has nautical accents such as anchors and ship wheels as well as seashells and marine life. Incorporating the beauty of the ocean’s surface and life beneath. Don’t forget to use light fabrics for your bedding and curtains! 

Naturality is a key element in this style. From embracing natural light and brightening your space with the summer sun to using natural materials throughout your bedroom. Think about wooden flooring with a seagrass rug or a rattan bedframe and matching wardrobe. Natural elements immediately enhance this vision of summer as it connects you to the world outside your bedroom.  

Scandinavian Style 

When you think about a summery bedroom, anything Scandinavian related probably doesn’t spring to mind. You likely envision cold temperatures and snow. The interior design, however, fits with the summer aesthetic of nature and simplicity.  

Known for its use of subdued and controlled colours, Scandinavian design often uses a neutral colour scheme. Occasionally taking on a monochrome aesthetic with black and white accents. This doesn’t mean you can’t add a few pops of colour, which inspire a sense of summer. The best way to go about this is through natural elements like colourful wood furniture or some plants, brightening your bedroom with their blooming greenery.  

Clean lines, simplicity and functionality are key components for this design. Furniture is supposed to prioritise practicality over aesthetic appeal, but still have a timeless elegance to it. Ensuring that each piece will remain relevant as time passes by.  

It’s important to embrace as much daylight as possible in your bedroom. You can use lightweight curtains to help you create an airy and spacious feeling throughout. For the evenings, using lamps allows you to create the cosy and inviting atmosphere that comes with the Scandinavian design.  

Incorporating nature into your bedroom is a crucial part of this interior design. You can do this through botanical motifs like prints, patterns and artwork. Natural materials beyond wood, such as stone and jute, helps amplify this organic feeling along with natural textures like woven baskets. You can even infuse woodland or oceanic elements to reflect certain Scandinavian regions, whilst connecting you deeper to the world around you.  

Bohemian Style 

Coming away from the minimalistic aesthetic, the bohemian style is a more eclectic design. Forgoing the modern desire for simple and sleek, it encourages you to embrace your personality and creativity. Plus, there are no rules!  

Bohemian is all about bold colours. You want a palette full of earthy tones, jewel hues, soft pastels and deep nature-inspired colours. Think about mixing them all into your bedroom; you could even use white walls as a blank canvas that you can decorate with colourful hangings and art like macrame. 

Mismatched textiles, finishes and layers add to the playful nature of a boho bedroom. Think about placing woven rugs across your floor in bold colours. Layering a variety of thin, summertime blankets across your bed in vibrant patterns that somehow works with your eclectic bedding.  

Maximalism is your friend in a boho design – and minimalism is your enemy! Fill your bedroom with trinkets that say exactly who you are and who this space belongs to. Incorporating handcrafted or homemade items are a fantastic way to infuse your space with the creativity and uniqueness of this style. Include house plants, which will promote good air quality in your room as well as adding a sense of life outside of the boldness of your décor.  

Changing Your Bedroom for the Summer 

Some people like to completely change their bedroom around, having grown bored of a previously loved design and layout. If that’s the case for you or even if you simply fancy a new look, consider revamping the interior of your bedroom before the summer season truly hits. Inviting the warmer months with a fresh and open space that’ll allow you to enjoy the sunshine! 

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