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All “my girls” miss a movie, right? Made. For fans of the seventh art, to have spent almost a whole year without the pleasure of our favorite program was very cruel. We just have to look to the ever-reliable and increasingly dominant streams – watching movies from home. The entry of new service companies into the market has proven to be more than favorable at a time when the watchword is to stay at home. No one really knows what the world will look like in 2021, especially in its second half of post-vaccine. In any case, it is precisely thanks to the most varied streaming platforms that moviegoers could not be one hundred percent orphans of good productions.

Here in this new post, we’ll be focusing on the first and biggest of all streams: Netflix. The aim is to point out some of the house’s best and newest dramas, which have garnered praise from the public and the trade press. It is precisely for this reason that many are already betting that a large chunk of them will be in awards season ahead – some potentially climbing to the Oscars. For this reason, if you like this type of prestigious film, you cannot miss our tips, with the crème de la crème of the season. See below and don’t forget to comment.

The white tiger

Considered by the specialized press as the Parasite of 2021, the report also addresses the social questions of the class struggle (very popular in cinema today), shifting the scenario from South Korea to India. Released on the 22nd of last month on Netflix Brasil, where it made its debut in our country, O Tigre Branco is based on a book and has an adapted screenplay and direction by Ramin Bahrani (from the provocative 99 Casas and Fahrenheit 451) . As the 2020 Oscar winner quoted, The White Tiger focuses on how the wealthy treat their employees, and in this delicate power relationship there is a fine line between abuse and intimacy.

It is interesting to note the cultural difference between the mentioned countries (India and South Korea), and even our country, as regards the employment link. Bahrani’s film shows the true dedication of employees to their bosses, able to resist even abuse for the gratitude of having a job. In the plot, we follow the trajectory of Balram (Adarsh ​​Gourav), born in the middle of misery, the young man refuses to accept his predetermined fate, assuming the branch of the family, working on a “dirty foot” serving tables.

He has bigger ambitions, like serving as a driver for the most powerful family in the neighborhood, and along the way he will pass over anything and everything. It’s a Scarface-style escalation of power (1983), eliminating all (or nearly all) of the criminal parties. The best-known face of the cast is that of Indian star Priyanka Chopra. And even if it’s partly as cruel as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2008), in his portrait of poverty, here we do not have an end to Bollywood, with music and dance. With 91% approval from the trade press, the positive buzz can get O Tigre Branco even to reach awards season and, who knows, even the Oscars.

Pieces of a woman

Unlike the article above, which debuted straight to streaming around the world, this terrifying drama was even shown at film festivals like Venice and Toronto last year. In Brazil and much of the world, its debut took place on January 7 of this year, right on the Internet. While it didn’t pick up on critics like the colleague above (getting 76% approval – still a very positive rating), in one thing everyone seems to agree (and that puts the feature film in focus). foreground of bets for nominations for important cinema awards): the impressive performance appearance of the protagonist Vanessa Kirby. Known to the general public for her participation in action films, see Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect (2018) and Hobbs & Shaw (2019), the British actress had already stood out in the hit series The Crown, where the princess Margaret lived. Now Kirby can have a big boost in her career, if she actually publishes the coveted Oscar. Even if she does not achieve as much, we can already say that her performance here is a turning point.

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Alongside a large supporting cast, with names like Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, the talented Sarah Snook (if you haven’t seen The Predestined, do this favor) and Shia LaBeouf, Vanessa Kirby. shines in the skin of Martha, a young woman determined to have a natural birth in her own home. What should have been a moment of extreme happiness for him and his partner (LaBeouf) soon turns into an endless nightmare as the event turns into tragedy. The visceral scene of all the work that opens the movie lasts for half an hour, being possibly the longest pre-credit scene in cinema, and also one of the most heartbreaking and nervous working scenes. But Pieces of a Woman is more than that and it’s about human relationships and how to rebuild yourself after being shot in an almost desperate way. The film is based on the real story of the couple responsible for its creation, the Hungarians Kata Wéber and Kornél Mundruczó, respectively screenwriter and director of the work.

The incredible story of the Isle of Roses

From the list, this is the item with the lightest air and a certain dose of humor. However, without forgetting the questioning weight that leaves us intrigued, thinking about what was presented on the screen. Italian production, here we have another real story brought to the cinema – but not literally, since the film made its world premiere on the Internet, via the famous streaming platform. Arrived in Brazil on December 9, 2020 (less than two months ago), this is one of the house launches not to be missed. With 78% approval from the trade press, Ilha das Rosas does not seek an award, but irreverently recounts an event so surreal that one wouldn’t believe it if it were not true.

In the plot, which takes place in the late 1960s, restless and uplifting architect Giorgio Rosa (Elio Germano) seems to have always been against the grain, so he doesn’t have the best relationship with his parents and his family. girlfriend left him – role of the beautiful Matilda De Angelis (from the HBO miniseries The Undoing). Thus, revolted against the system, the subject decides to engage in his most recent works: the construction of an island (in fact a kind of platform) outside Italian territory, in international waters, and to declare the place its own territory, independent of your country of origin. The feat is not so round for the Italian government, that it is leading a legal battle with the protagonist. The interesting thing is to research the actual case after watching the movie, or maybe before, and find that this type of practice is not new, and it still happens today. Most importantly, Ilha das Rosas talks about staying true to his ideals, not giving up on his dreams (even when everything seems to be against him) and the strength of friendships.

Rosa and Momo

After the Italian films, this one brings a true living legend of the country and of world cinema as well. Veteran Sophia Loren, at the peak of her glorious 86 years, is the star of this very human drama, after an eleven-year hiatus from the big screen (since appearing in Nine, an American musical that reinvents the classic 8½ by Fellini). Many may not know or remember it, but the Italian has an Oscar statuette to call her own, having won the Best Actress award in 1962 for the film Duas Mulheres, thus becoming the first history artist (including male) to win for a film not spoken in English. In addition, he also won an Honorary Oscar in 1991.

Rosa and Momo gets an impressive 91% press approval and brings up the poignant theme of immigrants and refugees in Europe. Loren plays a former prostitute, now elderly, who takes care of the children until her parents manage to pick them up one day. On his way, he crosses his new and biggest challenge, the African boy Momo (Ibrahima Gueye), who walks on the wrong side of the tracks for lack of bad company. The young man is on the verge of becoming, or perhaps has already stepped on the other side, to become a criminal, and his personality will clash with the equally capricious mother figure. Sophia Loren is in great shape and it would be a great gift for her and for us to see her work recognized at the awards ceremony. Behind the camera everything stayed at home, as this is the third time that his son, Edoardo Ponti, has led him in real life. Also based on a book, Rosa and Momo was slated for a big screen debut, but due to Covid it hit Netflix on November 13, 2020.

The supreme voice of the blues

A farewell film, this bluesy-paced feature film marks the last screen work of talented young Chadwick Boseman (known as the hero Black Panther), who passed away too early at the age of 43 – at the strongest of his career – losing the fight against cancer. In the film, already dejected and much slimmer than we were used to seeing, Boseman delivers one of the best performances of his filmography – without exaggeration! But here he is not alone, and counterbalancing his performance we have the real protagonist, the “lioness” Viola Davis – who even gained weight (in one of these transformations of “method”) to live his character, the real one. mother of the blues-style musical, Ma Rainey. Davis is simply “caught” and the film is already worth witnessing the clash of these two monsters – where on a record-breaking recording, the devout Rainey “bumps his head” with the stubborn and superb Levee (Boseman) , his trumpeter.

Extremely verbose, The Supreme Voice of the Blues is the screen adaptation of the play by playwright August Wilson, whose lyrics had previously ceded the famous Um Limite Among Us – nominated for an Oscar and also from the stage. Another link between the works is the presence of star Denzel Washington, this time as producer, spurring the staging of George C. Wolfe. With few scenarios, a lot of dialogue, great performances, the work really behaves like a play – even if it wants the exuberance of the time, especially in the sense of art (the feature film is set in the 1920s). Here we leave the best for last, well, at least in the opinion of critics, since Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (in the original title) got 98% press approval. So don’t be surprised if the production reaches the Oscars. And that would not be nonsense. One thing we know, he has already captured the heart of former US President Barack Obama, who includes him on his list of the best of the year. The film “closed” 2020, its premiere on December 18.

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