Ray Fisher says he would return to ‘Justice League 2’ if Zack Snyder invited him



Ray Fisher has revealed that he will return as Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League 2’ if the director requests it.

The star is in the middle of a fight with Warner Bros. after claiming to have been abused on the set of the “Justice League 2”, and to have been cut from “The Flash” after publicly revealing that he would no longer work with the director of DC Films, Walter Hamada.

“I would definitely pick up the phone [se ele me convidasse para Liga da Justiça 2]. There’s no way I can’t answer the phone, it’s crazy. Even if he called me just to say what he was doing, I would answer. Even if it was to make a support zombie in Madrugada dos Dead. Said the actor.

The actor recently said he was disgusted because he believed DC chief Walter Hamada had intervened in the investigation in which he alleged abuse on the set of the ‘Justice League’.

“I have received official confirmation that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to take me off the Flash, ”Fisher began. “I totally disagree with their decision, but it’s not surprising. Despite the misunderstanding, Cyborg’s involvement in The Flash was far more than a cameo – and while I regret the missed opportunity to bring Victor Stone back to the screen, publicizing Walter Hamada’s actions will prove to be a contribution. very valuable. most important for our world. ”

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Walter Hamada has renewed his contract as President of DC Films and will remain in office until 2023.

Understand the case

Actor Ray Fisher has made serious accusations against director Joss Whedon, claiming executive producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg allowed “disgusting and abusive” behavior while filming “Justice League 2”.

“Joss Whedon’s treatment on set with the cast and crew of the ‘Justice League’ was disgusting, abusive, unprofessional and totally unacceptable. This was allowed, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Responsibility> Entertainment, ”he says.

Joss Wheadon’s on-set treatment of the Justice League cast and crew was rude, abusive, unprofessional and totally unacceptable.

It was empowered, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

Responsibility> Entertainment

– Ray Fisher (@ ray8fisher) July 1, 2023

Shortly after, director Kevin Smith backed actor Ray Fisher and revealed more details about Joss Whedon’s behavior on the “ Justice League ” set.

According to him, there were already backstage stories that Joss Whedon was “denigrating” Zack Snyder’s work.

In the most recent episode of the Fatman Beyond podcast, Kevin Smith endorsed Fisher’s comments:

“One day I visited the set of The Ascension Skywalker, and I was talking to people who had worked on both versions of Justice League. Special effects specialists said Joss used to say bad things about Zack’s version [Snyder]. He cut, threw and was negative about the version of Zack he had watched and all of these people had done together. They said the whole thing was very toxic, ”he said.

The actor who lived the Cyborg even claimed that executive producer Geoff Johns even threatened his career. After the complaint, Warner Bros. began an investigation to uncover the truth behind the allegations.

Whedon and Johns have remained silent after Fisher’s claims in July.

However, recently Warner Bros. said the actor is not cooperating with investigations.

Read the full statement from Warner Bros:

In July, representatives for Ray Fisher asked DC Films President Walter Hamada to speak to Mr. Fisher about his concerns during the production of “Justice League.” The two had spoken to each other before when Mr. Hamada asked him to rehearse his role as Cyborg in The Flash, along with other members of the Justice League. In his July conversation, Mr. Fisher pointed out disagreements with the film’s creative team regarding his portrayal of Cyborg and complained that the suggested revisions to the script had not been passed. Mr. Hamada explained that creative differences are an integral part of the production process and that the writer / director of a film should ultimately be responsible for these issues. Notably, Mr. Hamada also told Mr. Fisher that he would bring his concerns to WarnerMedia so that they could investigate.

Although Mr. Fisher never alleged misconduct against him, WarnerMedia nonetheless opened an investigation into concerns he had raised about his character’s portrayal. Still not satisfied, Fisher insisted that WarnerMedia hire an independent investigator. This investigator has made several attempts to meet with Mr. Fisher to discuss his concerns, but so far Mr. Fisher has refused to speak to the investigator. Warner Bros. remains committed to the responsibility and well-being of each member of the cast and crew in each of their productions. He also remains committed to investigating any specific and credible allegations of misconduct, which Mr. Fisher has so far failed to provide.

It’s worth remembering that the role of the Cyborg has been drastically reduced in the Whedon remakes, but Zack Snyder has promised that he will give the character the prominence they deserve in the film’s new cut, which is set to debut in 2021 on HBO Max.

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