Raoul Bova, the alarm clock is among the most beautiful: the beautiful announcement



The famous actor Raoul Bova has announced excellent news: the public is delighted and impatient.

Just a few hours ago, Raoul Bova made a great announcement to his fans. The rumor has been circulating for some time, but finally the actor himself gave the confirmation. The public was undoubtedly delighted and the wait will be very difficult.

Raoul Bova – Solocine.it

Without a doubt, he is one of the most important figures in Italian show business. His career began in the 90s, when he was very young. His first significant role was as the male lead Marco in the film This Little Big Love. In this film, he was noted not only for his great talent, but also for his good looks and charm. In fact, in a short time he has become an Italian sex symbol.

His career then continued from success to success, between cinema and television. In parallel, his love life also found its way into the pages of gossip newspapers all over Italy. The end of his long marriage with Chiara Giordano, historical companion, in particular made a lot of talk. The couple had married in the 90s, when he was establishing himself in show business, when she had never been interested in this environment, preferring a “normal” job.

Raoul Bova, the announcement drives the fans crazy

The marriage between Raoul Bova and Chiara Giordano ended because he fell in love with another woman, the Spaniard Rocio Munoz Morales, twenty years his junior. She is also an actress and the two met on the set of a movie they were working on together. But what did he announce just a few hours ago?

Speaking of cinema and films, the announcement of the actor is precisely in this area. He let fans know via his Instagram profile with a story. On November 17, his next film will be released in Italian cinemas, which will take place over Christmas. The title, which fits perfectly, is The Christmas Show and is directed by director Alberto Ferrari. The film also includes the collaboration of other well-known names in Italian cinema and comedies.

Raoul Bova – Solocine.it

Indeed, Serena Autieri, Francesco Pannofino, Tullio Solenghi and Ornella Muti also took part in this Christmas comedy. “We are waiting for you at the cinema from November 17” wrote the artist in his story: surely many fans will come to see him. And what do you say, does it inspire you?

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