Ramona at Film Fest: Andrea Bagney’s Debut



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At the Rome Film Festival, Andrea Bagney brings Ramona the charm of the movie to the big screen and tells the details at the press conference.

The film Ramona is in competition in the section Progressive cinema – visions for the world of tomorrow. The plot told by first director Andrea Bagney is very simple and clear. Ramona is a budding actress in her thirties in search of her own identity, starting with the color of her brown hair, sometimes blond thanks to a wig. Now sure, now doubtful. In love with her boyfriend Nico, but soon after attracted to director Bruno. Dialogues and monologues alternate throughout the film recorded on 15 millimeters. With Andrea we rediscover the charm of analog with the Spanish director to recount walks and reflections on life and cinema through the eyes of Ramona.

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Ramona, the plot of the film

Madrid like Manhattan: sumptuous views of the city in black and white enhanced by the music of Tchaikovsky. Thus opens, with a tribute to the masterpiece of Woody Allen, the first film of the Spanish director Andrea Bagney, a story of love (and love) all built around the protagonist. From the black and white of life to the color of the staging (where, among other things, Ramona takes up monologues by Diane Keaton in Me and Annie and by Julie Delpy in Before Dawn), the romantic comedy unfolds between chatter and walks and neuroses. , dragged by the protagonist Lourdes Hernandez, known in Spain as a singer-songwriter under the pseudonym of Russian Red.

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Ramona, Andrea Bagney: “There are Bergman and Antonioni”

It’s time for Ramona and her behind the scenes with director and screenwriter Andrea Bagney who, perhaps for 15 millimeters, has made a film with an old flavor between references not only to Allen, but to Bergman and Antonioni. During the press conference, the director and the actress talked about their experience on the set. “This is my first film – began the director in the Petrassi room of the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone – and I cannot hide the fact that the protagonist and I have things in common”.

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Not 100%, but according to the actress herself, this is a veiled autobiographical account. “Although I am not Ramona, I think I stole something from her. I imitated the character through the things I had. There was great synergy between Lourdes Hernández and Ramona. Regarding the film, I can think there is Berman if we remember the walk of the protagonist with the white dress and a small Antonioni in the end”. A hymn to love and life on a 15mm film after being able to think and laugh.

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