Rai Revolution, a famous character returns in prime time: sensational anticipation



Rai Revolution, a famous character returns in prime time: sensational anticipation. It’s not just the Fiorello affair to hold on

New government, new appointments also in Rai. It is not a sensational novelty, only the board game because it has been the same in the past and no one would be surprised if it happened with the executive led by Giorgia Meloni.

Revolution Rai, a famous character returns to prime time (ANSA)

The most sensational revolution should affect Rai 1 and in particular TG1 which has experienced a stormy period in recent months. Today the clash is still in the news, then resolved with the passage on Rai 2, between the newspaper and Fiorello with its new program of morning entertainment.

But before, only three months ago, there was the case of the conductors engaged in Tg1 of 20 who had in fact been put on the bench by the director, Monica Maggioni. Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti, but also Francesco Giorgino, all “guilty” of not having assumed the new morning functions of the press review.

Rai Revolution, a famous character returns to prime time: Francesco Giorgino on pole

Francesco Giorgino left the Rai newspaper in July to take charge of the editorial management of the training offer. Several rumors indicated that it would leave by the end of the year in the direction of Mediaset, but until today this market movement had not yet materialized and now we may know why.

Indeed, as Affaritaliani.it anticipates, Giorgino who had been kicked out is preparing to return resoundingly in the dance. His name as well as those of Angela Mariella, currently in charge of Isoradio, Luciano Ghelfi, quirinalist historian who loves the League, is indicated as director of TG1. Is Francesco Giorgino back in TG1? (Instagram)

A role that actually seemed destined for Gennaro Sangiuliano, director of Tg2 a few days ago. But his appointment to the post of Minister of Culture in the Meloni government turned things upside down and revolutionized everything again. And on Tg2? The prices of Andrea Ruggieri, a lawyer and journalist as well as a former deputy for Forza Italia who until last spring was also Anna Falchi’s partner, have increased. Finally, Mario Orfeo should be confirmed as director of Tg3.

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