Rai, furious brawl at the Milan office: the police intervene



Incredible scene at Rai headquarters in Milan where a fight broke out. The intervention of the police was necessary to appease the spirits.

A furious brawl has wreaked havoc at Rai’s Milan headquarters on Corso Sempione. The news broke from gossip portal Dagospia that the police would also be involved: what happened.

Incredible what happened in Milan (via screenshot)

Botte da Orbi on Corso Sempione, inside the Rai headquarters in Milan. Dagospia thought to launch the sensational news, with an article signed by gossip expert Alberto Dandolo. According to what is reported by the portal of Roberto D’Agostino in the building where various Mamma Rai shows are recorded, Friday morning, at dawn, around 6 a.m., some people gave them a good reason. Moreover, according to the specialized site, these are not drivers, commentators or transmission operators, but cleaning staff.

Moreover, it would not even be a recent skirmish, since a police car also rushed to the scene. The website reads: “Two days ago at 6 a.m. mega fight at Rai headquarters in Corso Sempione in Milan between cleaning ladies” – he continues – “They were given a good reason as long as the intervention of some police cars”. At the moment, we don’t even know what the reason for the fight was.

Raï, fight between the cleaning staff: moments of tension

Moments of Fear at the Milan Office (Via Screenshot)

The fight at Rai’s headquarters in Corso Sempione testifies to the tense moments that Rai is going through. Indeed, in recent days, the Enrico Montesano affair has also broken out, causing a real media earthquake. Indeed, the actor chosen by Milly Carlucci for this edition of Dancing with the stars has been fired. The upper floors of state television turned him away after he showed up for the show’s rehearsal wearing a Decima Mas t-shirt.

As soon as the news caught on, Enrico Montesano and were overwhelmed with criticism and protests. Many Internet users have made the big voice, openly taking sides against the actor. Even Anpi, the National Association of Supporters of Italy, demanded the disqualification of the actor. Within hours, Rai openly opposed the actor, calling his behavior unacceptable. After the note, therefore, Rai’s decision to welcome him came.

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