Rai fees, reimbursement for citizens is coming: how to request it



Entitled Italians can request a refund of the RAI license already paid, in order to recover a good sum in their favor

The Rai Fee is one of the annual taxes that Italian citizens hate the most. For years, consumers have hoped that this tax for public television will be removed or eliminated, in order to make mandatory spending less onerous.

Rai license fees (web source)

Since 2016, the television license fee has been included and paid in installments in electricity and gas bills. A tip from the Renzi government to avoid tax evasion, but also to lower the price from 113 to 90 euros per year.

But there are those who have already paid the Rai fee in the last year, because it was included in the bill, but at the same time would have all the conditions to request an exemption. These users can request a refund, thereby recovering the money paid for the aforementioned charges.

Who can request the reimbursement of the Rai fee: the whole procedure

Obviously, not all citizens can easily request and obtain this refund. There are requirements that, by regulation, must be met to recover Rai’s annual fee of 90 euros.

Among the accepted reasons for reimbursement are: the applicant’s 75th birthday or a family member whose total income is less than 8,000 euros per year. Or again with the erroneous double payment made by two members of the family and finally the simplest reason: not having an audio-television device capable of capturing the terrestrial digital signal. Rai antenna (photo loop)

The standard procedure for requesting a refund, having the aforementioned characteristics, is quite simple. Simply go to the Revenue Agency portal, complete the appropriate form (this will be the responsibility of the owner of the electricity user) and send it electronically or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The delivery address is Tax Agencies – Provincial Directorate I of Turin – RAI Tax Office, PO Box 22, 10121 Turin. The letter must contain a copy of a valid identity document.

The long-awaited refund should therefore arrive within 45 days of the request, which can either be deducted from the next electricity bill or issued directly and in full by the Revenue Agency.

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