Raffaella Carrà, controversy over: “What matters is what it meant to me”



Raffaella Carrà, controversy over: “What matters is what it meant to me”. Guest of Verissimo, Lorella Cuccarini explains everything

Although more than sixteen months have passed since her death, Raffaella Carrà continues to populate the memories of the public but also of her colleagues. Because many are those who make television today who have worked with her even if everyone was not satisfied.

Raffaella Carrà, controversy over (ANSA)

A resounding controversy, which a large part of the public still remembers, broke out seven years ago when Raffaella, together with Sergio Japino, created the talent show Forte forte forte on Rai 1. A jury made up of four personalities , related to the world of TV but not only. And among them, there was to be Lorella Cuiccarini who has rather disappeared from the cast.

With the carrà, in fact, have passed the Spanish dancer Joaquín Cortés, the German designer Philipp Plein and Asia Argento, an actress and director that everyone knows. An exclusion that had exasperated Lorella, as evidenced by one of her tweets: “The person responsible for all this is one of the characters I have loved the most from my childhood until my professional life. In 30 years career I had never met her and I will stay away from her for the next 30”.

Raffaella Carrà, controversy over: Lorella Cuccarini now removes all doubts

Lorella Cuccarini. The Amici 22 teacher also had the opportunity to talk about his relationship with Raffaella Carrà and respond to the various criticisms that have come to light. After remembering friends and colleagues from the show’s time who left us too soon, Lorella wanted to say a few words about the queen of television, who passed away on July 5, 2021.
Speaking of Raffaella Carrà, Silvia Toffanin asked Lorella Cuccarini if ​​she was sorry for the way they talked about her and her disagreements with the unforgettable presenter: “But you know, it’s clear then that when these things happen produce, over time there is also a lot of embroidery compared to what has been said. For me, the great esteem, affection and love I had for her remain intact. As well as for a another icon for me, which is Carla Fracci. It was a bit my two myths when I was little. So different, but so similar in capacity, tenacity, charisma, iron will and humility”
Lorella Cuccarini clarified, who added, “For me, what matters is what they meant to me, so all that’s screaming is background noise. Kind of like in the song by Jovanotti. “People whisper, silence them by practicing cheerfulness. Here I want to remember them for what they meant to me” Lorella Cuccarini during the last season of Amici, where she was a singing teacher (photo © Medoaset).

Lorella Cuccarini, guest of Verissimo, remembers her mother Maria, who died in 2002. “Losing my mother was a tragedy. I really felt the cord snapping fiercely because my mum left in 3/4 days, no one expected it, ”says the teacher from Amici.

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