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Radioactive substances in this spaghetti: that’s what



In this article we are going to talk about radioactivity, what is it? Radioactivity (also called radioactive decay) is a set of physico-nuclear processes by which unstable or radioactive atomic nuclei (radionuclides) decay (i.e. transmute), over a certain period of time, into nuclei of lower energy. The nuclei produced are in a state of stability due to the emission of ionizing radiation in accordance with the principles of mass/energy conservation: this process continues rapidly over time until the elements which are gradually produced, possibly radioactive at their turn, then reach a condition of stability throughout the decay chain.

Radioactivity has allowed a great development of nuclear medicine, innumerable nuclear technologies used mainly in the medical field, but also in the industrial, military and agricultural fields. However, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the competent bodies of the European Union, has released a scary news that discloses the brand, batch and date of a specific pasta production. Now, by habit and tradition, pasta is part of our daily diet, but it is not for this reason that consumers always consume it in the same way. This food is considered Italian par excellence, since it is the most purchased in our country and, therefore, the most consumed, in all regions without distinction.

We also have the opportunity to appreciate and taste several different varieties of pasta ranging from long pasta (tagliatelle, pappardelle and spaghetti) to short pasta (pennettes, conchiglie, etc.) and curly pasta (fusilli). However, despite this vast choice, the favorite cuts are still spaghetti and penne, rigate rigate, which are better at keeping all the sauce in the sauce. Lately, however, a shadow has appeared that is gradually but increasingly approaching the large pasta producers, let us explain better. According to some studies conducted in some laboratories in Germany, it turned out that in many European pasta brands, some radioactive substances were found.

It is not even necessary to specify how this shocking news left all the representatives of the scientific community speechless and at that time, they saw fit to warn the competent authorities to stop the spread of this substance considered hazardous to health. of man. The problem arises when, without knowing it, the contaminated pasta is regularly consumed: in this case, the percentage of danger increases and the consumer could experience symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, chills and high fever.

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