‘Queen of the South’: Season 4 is out now on Netflix!



The 4th season of the ‘Queen of the South’ series, starring Brazilian Alice Braga, has already debuted on Netflix! All episodes of the new cycle are now available on the streaming service.

Check out the trailer:

Don’t forget that the series is already renewed for the 5th season!

Enjoy watching:

Dailyn Rodriguez and Ben Lobato are the showrunners Queen of the South.

“Born and raised in Mexico, Teresa had to learn to take care of herself from a young age, quickly learning how to get on with life, including financially. Intelligent, insightful and observant, she will always seek the best for her life, based on her own moral conduct. Then, when her drug trafficker boyfriend is murdered, she will leave as a refugee in the United States, but determined to win on her own terms – even if she must form new alliances, overthrow an influential criminal, and thus take the lead. of a powerful cartel. drugs. ”

The cast also includes Veronica Falcón, Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera and Nick Sagar.

Make sure you watch:

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