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Q&As Regarding Electronic Logging Devices



Electronic Logging Devices

When choosing an ELD provider, finding a solution that’s FMCSA-approved and easy to use is important. The best ELDs also offer professional and accessible tech support so drivers can get answers to their questions. Adding an ELD to your fleet will help you stay compliant with the FMCSA’s ELD mandate, improve driver and operational efficiency, and reduce risky driving behavior. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ELDs and how to choose the right one for your business.

What are the benefits of ELDs?

In addition to ensuring compliance with the ELD mandate, electronic logging devices offer several other benefits. They can help drivers improve their safety by reducing fatigue, and they save time by eliminating the need to keep track of paper logs. They can also help drivers track engine faults, which allows fleet managers to schedule maintenance before problems arise that could cause a vehicle to be out of service. Truck driving is a demanding job. Even the best drivers can sometimes become distracted or stressed while on the road, leading to accidents. But you’re using an ELD device that offers features beyond just HOS tracking. In that case, it can provide indisputable evidence to protect your driver’s record in case of an accident or a violation.

Additionally, some ELDs run on tablet or smartphone technology, which means they double as a source of entertainment and connectivity for drivers. Drivers can watch movies or TV shows, stream music, Facetime with family, and more.

What are the drawbacks of ELDs?

Aside from the obvious HOS compliance benefits, ELDs also help truckers save on fuel and maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary idling. They can also improve driver safety by preventing fatigue, which has been linked to many accidents and injuries. A robust ELD platform can eliminate the need for dispatchers and office personnel to manually review log books and ensure compliance. It can eliminate costly mistakes like form and manner violations, and it can reduce the amount of time spent on tedious paperwork. However, it’s important to note that not all ELD solutions are created equal. You should always find a provider offering comprehensive support and training for drivers, carriers, and fleet managers to help them maximize their investment. Having an experienced team available to address any issues or questions is essential.

What information do ELDs record?

Many ELD solutions go beyond federal compliance, giving fleet managers valuable information and capabilities. With these, fleets can save time and hassle, improve productivity, increase ROI, and ensure better safety on the road. ELDs record important data, including engine hours, driving time, vehicle location, and duty status. Some also allow drivers to edit their logging manually in case of an error.

Moreover, ELDs provide dispatchers with easy access to driver locations and ETAs. It eliminates the need for callbacks and keeps truckers focused on driving safely. The best ELDs also make it easier for carriers to dispute questionable claims from customers regarding on-time delivery. Many ELD solutions use smartphone or tablet technology, which makes them portable for easy accessibility. It means drivers can log in to their devices and check if they comply with FMCSA regulations, even while on the road. To help with this, FMCSA maintains a list of registered ELDs that have been self-certified and verified as compliant.

How do ELDs work?

ELDs automatically record driver hours of service (HOS), eliminating the need for truck drivers to track time and distance manually. When paired with fleet management software, these devices help fleets oversee driver activity, including compliance and safety. Some ELD systems use an engine sensor or GPS to monitor vehicle movement and determine driving status. Others have a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that captures harsh events, such as hard braking or turns, to improve fleet safety. While some vendors require you to buy proprietary accessory hardware, Samsara offers a flexible, cost-effective solution that lets you bring your device (BYOD). Installation costs can vary depending on your fleet’s size and whether you purchase your ELDs in bulk. In addition, many fleets save on labor costs by having their technicians install the equipment themselves rather than outsourcing the work. It can save fleets tens of thousands of dollars each year.

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