“Q-Force”: Netflix Animated Series Features LGBTQ Spy Team; Check out the trailer!



Never hide who you are… unless you are in disguise.

Netflix has released the full trailer for the “Q-Force” animated series, which will focus on a fabulous team of LGBTQ super spies.


Production will launch on the platform on September 2.

The series was created by Gabe Liedman.

Steve Maryweather, aka Agent Mary, was once one of the US Intelligence Agency (AAI) prodigies, until he became gay. Unable to fire him, the agency sends him back to disappear into oblivion. Instead, he’s assembling a team of LGBTQ + geniuses. By teaming up with mechanical expert Deb, drag master in disguise Twink, and hacker Stat, they together form Q-Force.

The production includes the voices of Sean Hayes, Gary Cole, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, David Harbor, Laurie Metcalf and Wanda Sykes.

Make sure you watch:

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