Putting aluminum foil in the fridge – here’s why you need to do it



Aluminum foil is an indispensable element in the kitchen, as it is very versatile and can therefore be used for countless things such as: cooking dishes in the oven or storing food that has now been opened. A new way to use this element has been depopulating the web for a few days, let’s see it together. This new trend invites everyone to pass sheets or crumple pieces of aluminum foil and place them inside the refrigerator and freezer.

This is recommended because the refrigerator is a device that tends to accumulate a lot of ice inside: this unpleasant situation could lead to an overload of the system which will result in malfunction of the device and higher consumption. The ice would obstruct the ventilation inlets and consequently the formation of humidity, mold and bad odors would occur. The latter would certainly move on to the foods that we will then consume.

Experts have found the use of aluminum foil as a remedy for this. First we have to defrost our fridge and also the freezer: many say that it is a very tedious operation but on the contrary it helps the appliance to work better and, therefore, to preserve our food in a more optimal way. Another very important factor is that a refrigerator that works well consumes even less. To properly defrost the refrigerator, you obviously have to unplug the power outlet and wait for the ice to melt.

To remove small ice residues from the corners, all you need is a toothbrush and a lot of patience. Luckily, aluminum foil comes to our aid to defrost our fridge and freezer first. Simply place the aluminum foil on the walls of the appliance, covering every centimeter of the refrigerator: this way the ice can no longer form and therefore will not accumulate. To speed up the dissolving process, one could also put cloths soaked in hot water. When the entire refrigerator is free of excess ice, we are ready to proceed with positioning the aluminum sheets.

Our refrigerator and our wallet will thank us because the refrigerator will work better and therefore consume up to 20% less. This trick continues to be one of the most effective of the moment, as it is able to give us remarkable results in no time. In addition, it also tends to eliminate bad odors and considerably slows down the formation of mold. Thus, if we follow these simple tips, it will greatly improve the hygiene of our refrigerator and, consequently, that of our food that we keep in the refrigerator.

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