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PURPLE phase | We’ve separated several FILM tips to watch on NETFLIX



The cinemas have closed again. For good reason. Brazil is now entering an alarming phase of the pandemic. While you stay home safely, leaving only the essentials – we’re sure – we’re doing our part here by giving you tips on what to look out for during this new seclusion. And to start our series of stories, we have chosen productions from the market leader: Netflix. But not only, so as not to miss the awards season (the Golden Globe is past, but the Oscar is in April), we have selected the recent successes at the ceremonies, in addition to the very prestigious works that have just arrived in streaming (even if they were launched a few years ago), an ideal opportunity to know them or revisit them. Let’s take a look at this.

Disaster artist

With 91% critical approval, this much-talked-about and celebrated production in 2017 debuts on Netflix. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, waste no more time. We can go even further and say that it is the masterpiece of the career of young actor and filmmaker James Franco, both in terms of his performance and as a director. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the Adapted Screenplay category, but it deserved more. In order not to be unfair and to sell this “fish” wrongly, it’s also worth saying that Artist of Disaster works best for those who enjoy behind-the-scenes movies in the movie world, and especially those familiar with the cult The Room (2003), considered one of the worst films ever made in history. The Disaster Artist is aptly talking about the recordings of The Room, also serving as a biography of the “genius” behind the work, the character Tommy Wiseau (hilariously and touchingly experienced by Franco in the film). But the feature isn’t just about poking fun at The Room and Wiseau, showing a gripping story about acceptance, fighting for our dreams, and, most importantly, friendship.

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It’s important to me

This suspense of the (beyond) incorrect doses of humor provided much to talk about and became one of the red streaming platform’s most recent hits. Written and directed by J. Blakeson (keep that name), the film features one of the best career performances of actress Rosamund Pike (nominated for an Oscar for Exemplary Girl) who, not by chance, won the last Golden Globe for performance and may return to the Oscars. In the film, she sees Marla Grayson, a “lioness” as she defines herself. An unscrupulous woman, who makes a living by taking advantage of helpless old people and getting rich. From this synopsis, we can see that the protagonist is such a villain that we see a lot in real life. But no one can get along forever while doing something wrong and so she, who is a force that cannot be stopped, will encounter an object that cannot be moved. The challenge is therefore launched. One of the best examples of the platform in recent years.

Enjoy watching:

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Corrupt faith

Our second tip on the list is this production also known for its original title, First Reformed. Originally shown in 2017 at film festivals around the world, the film hit the Brazilian video market in 2018, and its absence was keenly felt at the Oscars for more significant accolades (the film was even nominated in the original screenplay category at the 2019 ceremony), because it entered several lists of the best of the year by critics and experts. Written and directed by veteran Paul Schrader (screenwriter of the classic Taxi Driver and Indomitable Bull), Ethan Hawke plays the role of a priest in a small church in New York. When he meets a desperate young woman (Amanda Seyfried) who is seeking help, he begins to question his faith. The feature has 93% approval in the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator.

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Global Reports

With 88% critical approval, this is the latest work from star Tom Hanks. Her first foray into the Western genre, the star plays Captain Kidd, a veteran of the American Civil War, who divided the country into a conflict against slavery. Now the guy makes a living reading news for the illiterate people from town to town in the old west. Your new mission, however, will be the most difficult. He’s tasked with handing over a girl, taken by members of the Kiowa tribe years ago, to her uncles. The film was written and directed by Paul Greengrass, who previously worked with Hanks on the tense Captain Phillips (2013) – Oscar nominee. World Reports can also reach the Oscars, having been nominated for this year’s Golden Globe Awards for Best Soundtrack and Best Supporting Actress for Helena Zengel, who lives daughter Johana.

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Under the western sun

It’s another western full of familiar faces that’s now on the list. Created from famous film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin and South by Southwest, the film puts in front of the cast as the protagonist, the new Batman of cinema, Robert Pattinson. In the plot, the actor sees a pioneer venturing into the Wild West around 1870 with the aim of marrying his beloved, the role of Mia Wasikowska. In this arduous journey, the feature film redefines the fine lines between the hero, the villain and the damsel in distress (original title of the feature film). Interestingly, Pattinson initially rejected the project because he didn’t know how to define it in a single genre, since the feature film also has one-off tones of humor.

Crime and Desire

It’s for Game of Thrones orphans and fans of its star Emilia Clarke. The young actress has shown that she does well in romantic films, see How I Was Before You (2016) and A Second Chance to Love (2019), but turns and moves adventures in other genres. Here she takes a chance on a crime drama based on a true story. In the plot, Clarke plays an FBI informant, who ends up lovingly engaging with an officer (Jack Huston), tasked with investigating a case in the Kentuchy Mountains. The couple’s forbidden affair turned outrageous, leading to tragedy.

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Malcolm and Marie

Pursuing the field of talented young actresses, the charismatic Zendaya is currently on top of the world. She’s been an integral part of Marvel’s overproductions in the new Spider-Man movies, and is already preparing for her third GM appearance later this year in Spiderman: No Way Home. On television, his success hasn’t waned, as he stars in HBO’s hard-hitting Euphoria, which will soon debut its second season. Speaking of the schedule, here the young star meets series creator Sam Levinson for a very intimate drama, which acts a bit like a play. Set in a single setting, with just two actors, Malcolm & Marie is created entirely in black and white. Expect lots of dialogues, discussions about relationships and existential issues. The one who shares the stage with Zendaya is another actor of the moment, John David Washington, star of films like Infiltrado na Klan (2018) and Tenet (2020), son of Denzel Washington. The plot shows a couple, a director and his girlfriend, returning home after the premiere of their latest film. While waiting for the critics to come out, the two begin to discuss their relationship and revelations emerge.

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Chicago 7

One of the season’s most prestigious films, the work is written and directed by a true master: sensational screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (Oscar winner for The Social Network). Based on a famous true story, a recent part of American history, the subject here is a trial considered to be one of the most important for American justice. It is curious to note, however, how the past relates to the present, which shows that many problems come and go in our society. As the title suggests, seven individuals (or eight, depending on your point of view), coming from different backgrounds and ideals, are on trial for the same crime. All leaders of movements and demonstrations against the Vietnam War, which turned into violent clashes with the police. Ah yes, the film also features one of the best castings of recent years, with names like Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Rylance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Yahya Abdul-Matten II, Frank Langella and Michael Keaton.

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The devil of every day

Speaking of top-notch casting, that dramatic suspense would already only be good for the names that have paraded onscreen. The theme here is a staunch criticism of religious fanaticism, which leads some to commit the greatest atrocities “in the name of God”. Abuse of the faith of others and undoubtedly blindness are some of the topics. Several micro-stories intertwine in the film written and directed by Antonio Campos, son of Brazilian journalist Lucas Mendes. The plot runs through timelines, presenting the past and present of a family marked by tragedies linked to mistaken devotion. The protagonist is actually young Tom Holland (the aforementioned new movie Spider-Man), a young man with a traumatic past, ready to deliver justice even with his own hands. One of the draws is the presence of Robert Pattinson (in another film on the list) as his most disgusting character, a pastor who takes advantage of his followers to sexually abuse them – something very recurring in all religions.

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Make sure to watch:

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