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Ah, the 80s! The decade pop culture won’t let die is still trending in our hearts. This moment is so special that even those who have not lived it celebrate it as if they belonged to them, having their memory reactivated through television programs, films, pieces of merchandising and the most varied media. . It is for them and for others that the 80s are now! They have not left and never will be. Among other things, because for pop culture it is the consolidation of blockbusters and entertainment products that transcend the screens of our daily life.

The most beloved films in purest entertainment have come out of this decade. But the 80s were not marked only in the cinema. And television has reached new heights of popularity as well, with enduring programs that we will never forget. To delve deeper into that nostalgia, we will now hold back with you the most beloved series in the entire family from the ’80s. Check it out below.

Probably the most beloved television of all time, Wonder Years (in the original) debuted in 1988 on the American channel ABC. The program always arouses the nostalgia of the fans, who have it in their hearts and minds, being constantly mentioned when talking about past series that have marked viewers. Staying in the air for 6 seasons, the story starred Kevin Arnold (role of Fred Savage), a boy growing up and entering his teens in the transition from the 60s to the 70s – and his misfortunes alongside his family. , his friends and his first passions. The secret to the series’ success at the time was to bet on nostalgia (as Stranger Things does today) and mix comedy and drama. Whoever saw it, will never forget the opening with the song With a Little Help from My Friends, by Lennon and McCartney, in the voice of Joe Cocker.

Who lived in the 80s will never forget this more than particular extraterrestrial, who in our country received the voice interpreted by the great Orlando Drummond. Created by duo Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco, the show was one of those behavioral comedies centered around a typical American family. The catch, following the trend of the decade (where weird but kind creatures were adopted as members), was the fact that the tanners were visited by a furry, funny-looking alien who falls down with his ship. in their garage. ET was nothing more than a puppet doll, played by creator Paul Fusco himself. The dynamic follows another trend of the time: actors facing animatronic creations or puppets. With its slogan “Tá Limo”, immortalized in Brazil, the program lasted 4 seasons, starting in 1986 on the NBC network. Interestingly, ten years after its debut and six years after its end, a TV movie called Projeto ALF (1996) was released. Apart from that, following the classic series, a cartoon came out as early as 1987, to explain the life of the naughty alien on his home planet. The animation was broadcast for 2 seasons.

Punky – La Levada da Breca

Another program that marked the 1980s thanks to exhibitions at SBT, Punky was so successful that, like ALF, the following year of its debut it became a cartoon for children – demonstrating the strong affinity with its child audience. The animation ran for 2 seasons and featured the voice of the same protagonist from the original program. Returning to the live-action series, the Punky Brewster Girl (which is the original title) is an 8-year-old girl who was abandoned in a supermarket next to her dog, Brandon. There, she ends up meeting and being adopted by old Henry Warnimont, the role of veteran George Gaynes, the eternal Commander Lassard of the movies in the Police Academy franchise in the cinema. The Punky protagonist, of course, was played by the pretty Soleil Moon Frye, who grew up to be a beautiful woman. Levada da Breca made his debut in 1984 and lasted for 4 seasons. Something new is that Punky is yet another series caught up in today’s wave of rebirths; So, 33 years after the show ended, Punky Brewster returned to Frye’s way, leaving NBC to stream Peacock. Frye also produces, with Punky now an adult and with his own children. The creation of the new program is by the same David W. Duclon as the original.

Also known in Brazil for its original title Full House, this is another program that has ridden the cover wave – being one of the first to catch such hype. Aired in Brazil by SBT, and in the 90s in numerous reruns on the Warner channel, the program introduced the world to the Olsen twins – who in the series played the same character, the “fofucha” Michelle (owner of the best quotes of ‘hook). While not an official re-imagining, the inspirations from Full House to Três Solteirões and um Baby are clear. Although the American remake was released the same year, the original is a French film titled 3 Men and a Baby (1985). In Três é Demais, three single men have to raise three little girls, daughters of one of them. In the plot, Danny (Bob Saget) is a young widower father of three children: DJ (Candance Cameron), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). To help him in his mission, his brother-in-law, his late wife’s brother, Jesse (John Stamos) and humorous friend Joey (Dave Coulier) join them. The show started in 1987 and ran for 8 seasons until 1995. Twenty years after the end, Netflix rescued the idea and launched the Fuller House spinoff in 2016, now focused on DJing as the protagonist, mother of his. own children, returning home where lived in childhood. The new series had the participation of the original cast and lasted 5 seasons until 2020.

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You can see the family sitcom’s formula was turned around in the 1980s with the addition of a fantasy element, be it an alien like the aforementioned ALF (or ET in the movies), a big foot (as in the film which later became the series A Guest) do Barulho) or even a “robot girl”. This is the premise of Small Wonder, in Brazil known as Super Vicky, about a family formed by a father, mother and little son, whose patriarch is an inventor and has developed a perfect robot, which simulates the shape of a little girl. So, in order not to arouse suspicion in the neighborhood about their revolutionary invention, this family decides to treat the creation Vicky (role of Tiffany Brissette) as their youngest daughter. The program premiered in 1985 and aired for 4 seasons, broadcast on Globo TV. One curiosity is that in the Disney film Tomorrowland (2015) we have what could have been a perfect interpretation for a possible film production of Super Vicky: actress Raffey Cassidy and her character, the robot girl Athena.

Known during screenings on the Sony channel in the late 1990s for its original title Married with Children, this quintessentially family comedy was famous, among other things, for revealing to the world the actress Christina Applegate, very young at the time. . when the show opened in 1987. She saw Kelly, the eldest daughter of the family, a blonde who was more interested in her appearance and the boys than in the content of her head, and believe me, the series makes fun of her lack of intelligence. The motto of this series is a family that hates each other, but even with all of their issues, they stick together. Patriarch Al (Ed O’Neill) had a bright future in high school football, but found himself pregnant with cheerleader Peggy (Katey Sagal) and had to give up his dream and find a job in order to support her next baby. So, bitterly, he does the same job as a shoe salesman in a mall. The youngest son is Bud (David Faustino), a smart young geek, but awkward with women. The program was a real milestone for American television, remaining on the air for 11 seasons, until 1997.

Before the ’80s mega-hit movie Back to the Future (1985), then-21-year-old star Michael J. Fox appeared in this period-defining family sitcom. Winner of the Golden Globe for his performance in the series, Fox lived Alex, a conservative young man who, with two sisters and a little brother, was raised by liberal parents, former hippies. Aired on the NBC network under the original title Family Ties (or Family Ties), the series premiered in 1982 and ran for 7 seasons until 1989. In other words, Fox was still on the air with the program during the release of Back to the Future, and the same year the series ended, it launched the second film in the time travel franchise.

Many series focused on family stories have used a differential to act as currency when selling the idea. After all, they couldn’t all be the same. This one starred Italian male descendant Tony Danza as a former professional baseball player who takes a job as a “housekeeper” in a house, where he begins living with his teenage daughter. The program revealed Alyssa Milano, who saw the protagonist’s daughter, Samantha. After the series, Milano became a sex symbol. The subject’s employers are a strict family, led by Matriarch Angela (Judith Light), a writer obsessed with work, her mother and young son. Little by little, with his playful and relaxed manner, the character of Danza breaks the ice on the spot. Who’s the Boss ?, in the original, debuted in 1984 and lasted 8 seasons until 1992.

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