Psychological horror promises to shake Netflix subscribers; Check!



Netflix is ​​gearing up to add another horror film to its backlog, and the production promises to thrill subscribers.

Scheduled to debut on July 1 on the platform, “The Girl on the Third Floor” was initially released in 2019 under the direction of Travis Stevens, director of the acclaimed “XX” short film series and the series. ‘Jakob’s Wife’ horror.

Written by Stevens alongside Paul Johnstone and Ben Parker, “The Girl on the Third Floor” follows Don Koch (CM Punk), a man with a criminal past who moves into an old house in suburban Chicago in an attempt to start a new one. life. with his pregnant wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn).

Once in his new home, Don befriends a bartender, who tells him all about the house’s unpleasant past, which seems to have a weird effect on straight men.

Suddenly, Don notices that mud is seeping into the rooms of the house … Not caring, he decides to stay in the house and renovate it to give more comfort to the family.

However, the reform is put aside when he meets Sarah, the neighbor upstairs, who tries to seduce him. From there, he comes into conflict while struggling not to give in to the consequences of his own actions.

Popular film festivals such as London FrightFest, SXSW, BUFF, ‘The Girl on the Third Floor’ garner 84% approvals on Rotten Tomatoes.

Among the notes, the Variety reviewer says:

“‘The Girl on the Third Floor’ proves that a good old haunted house story still manages to entertain, while presenting a different take on an already worn-out phrase in the genre.”

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In addition to Punk and Dunn, the cast also includes Tonya Kay (“Jane the Virgin”), Sarah Brooks (“The Iron Girl”), Karen Woditsch (“Bad Johnson”) and Travis Delgado (“2 in the Bush”) .

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