Prince George shares William and Kate with a particular hobby



According to some reports, Prince George has developed a new interest that doesn’t mesh with his parents. Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, is actually “worried” about her eldest son’s latest hobby. Prince William, meanwhile, would encourage his son to take up the sport as he believes it can have a positive impact on his growth.

The future heir to the throne would therefore have developed a passion for martial arts. Royal commentator Neal Sean, speaking in a recent video on his YouTube channel, said that didn’t quite convince Kate, who feels responsible for having to raise a future ruler.

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The commentator indeed declared: “He must not only take under his protective wing that Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, whom he must ensure that they understand the workings of the monarchy. There is also Prince George, who will one day become our king.” Apparently, therefore, the idea has divided the couple who, on the contrary, generally agree on the education of their children.

Prince George’s New Passion for Martial Arts

Princess Kate would therefore be “reluctant” about the choice of her eldest son who would have taken up “the idea of ​​​​doing martial arts”. According to Sean, Prince George’s nanny is trained and capable, so the couple discuss it. The commenter added: “It’s something Prince George has apparently taken to heart. He likes the idea of ​​basically looking after himself.”

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Kate Middleton would be very worried, but Prince William supports his son because he believes that he will positively build his character in order to “develop his independence”. The prince is currently second in line to the throne, after his father. Although all of his brothers prepare to serve the Crown, a different and heavier fate awaits him. The Princes of Wales, however, try to satisfy the passions of their three children.

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Princess Charlotte, for example, would love gymnastics. Moreover, according to what Prince William himself said, his little girl also has a passion for women’s football and would like to play in goal. Meanwhile, William and Kate try to give their children a normal childhood, without weighing them down too much with a sense of duty. The couple is indeed committed to giving their children “normal” experiences such as pocket money. In fact, Prince George is said to try to get extra spending money by doing more homework than his parents give him.

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