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2020 is coming to an end and in addition to many expectations for 2021, it also brings additions to the Amazon Prime Video catalog. Contrary to what we are used to, January 2021 will have few new productions on the platform, but we have some very promising content and some that are loved by fans. Check out!

Titles already available on the service

Starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman, this thriller stars Carson Phillips (Travolta), a private investigator who has been successful in the past as a football player. He receives a case of disappearance which directs him to a series of cunning crimes, placing him in front of several suspects and corpses. However, things escalate when he finds out that his daughter is the prime suspect. Running against the clock, he will do anything to save her, solve the murders and uncover the dirty secrets of the city.

This drama / suspense brings an absurd situation to show a couple affected by the horrors of WWII trying to rebuild their lives in a small town in the United States. Maja (Noomi Rapace) lives next to her husband Lewis, but sees her peaceful life give way to a suspenseful plot when she kidnaps her neighbor (Joel Kinnaman) in search of revenge for the war crimes she believes she has. committed it.

January 1st

Ever since he was a little boy, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) tried to escape his own past. After the mysterious death of his mother (Samantha Smith), he and his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) followed different paths. When they were forced to act together, a real hunt for monsters, demons and television characters began in one of the most acclaimed series of recent years. Thus, the last season arrives at Amazon Prime Video to conclude the “Hunters” cycle on TV.

Super-acclaimed overseas, The Assistant tells the story of Jane (Julia Garner), an aspiring film producer who landed her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. Your daily life is very similar to that of any other helper. But, as Jane goes through her daily routine, she begins to realize all the abuse that involves her work environment and professional position. The film depicts the physical, psychological, sexual and moral abuses in the film industry and how the archaic practices that have shaped this market, as well as how they perpetuate these abuses.

Arriving a little late for Christmas 2020, this national film reunites the hilarious Luis Lobianco in a Christmas adventure around three brothers, Julia (Giulia Benite), Miguel (Pedro Miranda) and Bia (Lorena Queiroz), who come up with a plan to try to reunite the family again after the parents divorce and, thus, remember the good old days when they were waiting for Santa Claus. But, if they want to put their idea into practice, the brothers will have to race against the clock, as there are only 10 hours left until Christmas.

January 11

American Gods tells the epic story of an inevitable war between the ancient gods of mythology and the new gods of modern technology. Ricky Whittle plays the former inmate Shadow Moon – a man in the service of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, played by Ian McShane – who discovers that in addition to his boss being the Supreme Almighty God, Odin’s father, he is also the father. shade. In season three, Shadow turns away from this apparent destination and settles in the idyllic town of Lakeside, Wisconsin, to follow his own path, guided by the gods of his dark ancestors, the Orixás. However, he will soon discover that the still waters of this city are deep, dark and bloody, and refusing to be a god is not an option. So the only possible choice is to decide what kind of god he wants to be. This original production made in Chile is a thriller that accompanies the disappearance of the student Blanca Ibarra (Antonia Giesen), who led demonstrations at the religious school Santa Inés. The disappearance of the young woman will arouse the center of attention of the society and also the desire of the police to solve this mysterious case which, during the investigations, indicates the involvement of a network of abuses against the women. .

January News on Prime Video Channels


Elizabeth Tudor (Cate Blanchett) becomes Queen of a divided and dangerous England in 1558. She is seen as weak by threats from everywhere and is strongly advised by lawyer William Cecil to marry. Smart and cautious, she must choose where to place her trust: on her astute secretary Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush), on a master spy or on her secret lover, Sir Robert Dudley.

January 3

The Stand is Stephen King’s apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by plague and embroiled in an elemental struggle between good and evil. The fate of humanity rests on the frail shoulders of Mother Abagail, 108, and a handful of survivors. His worst nightmares are embodied in a man with a deadly smile and indescribable powers: Randall Flagg, the man in black.

January 15th

13-year-old Henry Hart gets a part-time job as Kid Danger, assistant to superhero Captain Man, and the rewards are fantastic, but the boy has to keep his job a secret from his best friends and little sister.

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