Preparing for a Successful Property Viewing: A Seller’s Guide to Making a Positive First Impression



“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.”

The probability of purchasing a home, after a good first impression is created within the first few minutes of viewing a house, is colossal. The buyers often explain this impression as a ’feeling’ they got and loved while viewing a property. We have an extensive listing of premium properties which will amaze you, estate agents in Rainham can assist you in showcasing properties that match your exact requirements.

For a first-time seller, preparing your property for an impressive viewing can be daunting and tricky. We are here with some simple pointers to assist you in creating that positive impression for your potential buyers.

Kerb Appeal

When you focus on the outside or the façade of your property and make it inviting and attractive, your property will have kerb appeal. The outside of your house is the first thing a potential buyer is going to encounter. It should create an appealing aesthetic to draw the buyer in.

A messy, littered, and unkempt area would immediately create a bad impression which would reflect on the inside of your home as well. Make sure the first glimpse of your property projects the best look possible. To improve the kerb appeal, of your house you should

Spruce up your gardens

First clean the litter like leaves and debris etc., from the ground, driveways, or pathways. Give your lawn a good trim. Repair any broken fences, shacks, or gateways. Put the garbage bins away from sight. Give the windows, doors, and garden furniture of your home a thorough cleaning.


What more can you do besides clean up; you can add a splash of colour and shingles to amp up the vibe of your outer space. Some colourful pots and plants will cheer up the surroundings. You can take these additions with you when you move. Painting a door or your garden bench can also create an appealing façade.

No Parking

Always clear the driveway before any viewings. It may sound like a nuisance to park your car somewhere else but think from a buyer’s perspective, it would be a bother for them if they come for a viewing and do not know where to park. Notify the neighbours if you are having street parking, to avoid snooping during the buyers’ visit.

Preparation for Inside viewing

Once you have worked your magic on the outside, it’s time to give some attention to the inside as well.  A viewing should always be focused on giving a visual of the lifestyle of the house, and how it operates.

Cut the clutter

Your rooms need to sparkle and look completely spic and span. The living room and bedrooms should be organised, kitchen and bathrooms should be immaculate and aroma free. The objective of any viewing is that the viewer can imagine himself living there, so remove any personal items like family pictures, kids’ drawings etc.,

Remember, that any viewing is sensorial, therefore it should appeal to all our senses. If an area smells musty, open the windows to give it some air, and add candles or diffusers for a pleasant scent permeable throughout the house (don’t overdo it). If a room is dark and dinghy-looking, add some lights or remove the curtains.

The kitchen and bathrooms, two areas that are the major selling points of any house, so they should be free from any odour whatsoever, as it leaves a very bad impression.

You can add some fresh flowers to elevate the overall aesthetic of the house. Add to the overall spark of your home by throwing in some new cushions, lamps or light and colourful artwork. You can energise the appearance of your space without breaking the bank.

Set your dinner table with fancy china or a simple one with some fresh flower arrangements and a few scented candles to create a cosy and leisurely vibe.

Big renovations around the house may not be cost-efficient, but small repairs like, mending the dents and breakages can significantly make a difference.

Guiding Hand

A good estate agent can smoothen the process of property viewings, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Have a look at estate agents at Rainham who have extensive expertise in preparing homes before viewings!

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