‘Power Rangers’ to reboot in theaters and on TV with ‘Titans’ producer



According to Deadline, Hasbro and Entertainment One hired Bryan Edward Hill to write scripts for the “Power Rangers” shared universe on television and in movies.

For those who don’t know, Hill is also a co-producer of ‘Titãs‘, the Young Heroes Team’s live-action series produced by HBO Max.

In addition, he is also a comic book artist and has written stories for DC Comics and Marvel, such as certain editions of “Batman and the Outlaws”, “American Carnage” and “Killmonger“.

On his Twitter profile, the artist thanked fans for their support and celebrated the lineup:

“I’m incredibly excited about this. I loved Jonathan’s work [Entwistle, o diretor] before I launched into it, and when I heard your ideas, I was immediately thrilled. This is one of those projects where you think, “Wow, I can do that!” And you have helped me by supporting my work. I am very grateful to you. ”

Recalling that Jonathan Entwistle (“I do not agree with that”) will be responsible for the direction of the projects.

Entwistle is linked to the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot since December of last year, when part of the franchise rights still belonged to Paramount.

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However, since Hasbro has acquired 100% of the brand, production will be handled by eOne, a studio overseen by the toy company.

As of now, there are still no details on the attractions’ plot, but rumors indicate that this new universe could be based on the ‘Shattered Grid’ arc, HQ that explores the union of several Rangers. through different eras.

Broken grid, Editora Boom! 2018

In a statement, Nick Meyer, the president of eOne celebrated the news:

“Jonathan has an incredible creative vision for this iconic and hugely successful franchise, he is the perfect architect to shape what is to come. We look forward to working with the industry’s most talented storytellers as we reinvent the Rangers in TV and film. ”

Entwistle also expressed their enthusiasm in a brief statement to publicize the upcoming projects:

“This is an incredible opportunity to introduce new ‘Power Rangers’ to new and old generations of fans. Let’s bring the analog spirit into the future, enjoying the action and storytelling that made this brand so successful. I look forward to working with the eOne and Hasbro teams. Together, we look forward to sharing more “Power Rangers” with the world soon. ”

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