Power Rangers star Jason David Frank dies at 49



Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger, known in the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, has died aged 49.

Actor Jason David Frank, was the beloved Tommy Oliver in the cult 90s series, Power Rangers, which marked an entire generation. He was the Green Ranger and along with the other cast members entertained the children after school.

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Sadly, today his agent gave the official news of his tragic passing. He died at the age of 49, the official status is still missing, but unfortunately everything would lead to thoughts of suicide.

Who was Jason David Frank?

Jason David Frank was an American actor and martial arts expert. His acting career remained limited to the Power Rangers character. He was such a beloved member of the public that his character continued to appear in several series, although his presence was initially only for a few episodes. Frank’s real passion, however, was martial arts. It was love at first sight between him and this sport, from the age of 4, when he saw him training for the first time in his neighborhood gym, called Red Dragon Karate School.

From then on he was a diligent and avid student, eventually becoming an instructor and practitioner at amateur and professional levels. He has won several awards in his field. He was married twice, but both marriages failed due to alleged extramarital flirtations he had. He has three children, two from his first wife and one from his last, who filed for divorce in August 2022.

Active participation in Power Rangers

“When you don’t know how to get out of trouble, Quickly call the Power Rangers, Here they are in our town, Mom how fast, Red and yellow more, pink, black and blue, The colors of the Power Rangers…”

Who has never sung this tune, raise your hand. Everyone, including me, knew it by heart and shouted it at the top of their voices. All the kids in those years had a puppet they took to school of their favorite Power Rangers, the fights they were made to do during recess were memorable. That’s why it was shocking to learn that the character of Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank, died today at the age of just 49, by suicide.

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The green Power Ranger, played by Frank, was initially a passing member, indeed his presence was planned for a few episodes of the first cult series which began in 1993 (his color was not even present in the initials at the start). However, the public became so attached to this character who perfectly practiced the fighting movements, that Jason David Frank became an official member of the fighters.

Besides the original Power Rangers series, also called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which aired between 1993 and 1995, the actor also took part in the other seasons of the series, as well as three films and other editions, also playing the Power Store white.

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