“Port Authority”: Romance produced by Martin Scorsese receives passionate trailer; Check!



Momentum Pictures recently released the official trailer for “Port Authority,” a novel produced by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese.


Officially released in 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival, the film marks the directorial debut of Danielle Lessovitz, who also signs the screenplay.

After being evicted from his home in Pennsylvania, Paul (Fionn Whitehead) arrives in New York City with nowhere to go. A momentary encounter with Wye (Leyna Bloom), a trans woman of color, leads him to seek her out. Absorbed by her beauty and her confidence, a love begins to be born between the two. But, as one begins to learn more about the other, the false narratives begin to crop up and the double life he has must be reconciled.

McCaul Lombardi, Devon Carpenter, Eddie Bloom, Louisa Krause, Christopher Quarles and Taliek Jeqon round out the cast.

“ Port Authority ” opens in international theaters May 28 and arrives on VOD June 1.

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