Popular Hulu series CANCELED after two seasons



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu announced last Monday (29) that the popular and acclaimed comedy series “PEN15” has been officially canceled after two seasons.

Without too many details revealed on the decision, the last episodes of the last season arrived in the catalog of the streaming platform this Friday, December 3.

The series premiered and starred Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle and revolved around its younger versions in 2000.

The series shamefully and realistically shows how difficult adolescence can be, full of intense changes and surprises. Through Maya and Anna, PEN15 presents an embarrassing yet true portrayal of youth and how complicated life can be at thirteen. All this with a lot of nostalgia and incredible references to life in the 2000s.

Also in the cast were Mutsuko Erskine, Richard Karn, Taylor Nichols, Melora Walters, Taj Cross, and Dallas Liu.

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“PEN15” debuted in 2019 and, after receiving widespread critical acclaim, earned an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Series.

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