‘Pokémon’: Netflix is ​​developing a new live-action series



According to Variety, Netflix is ​​developing a new live-action series based on the ‘Pokémon’ franchise.

Joe Henderson, ‘Lucifer’ showrunner, will be in charge of the screenplay and will also serve as executive producer.

The project is still in its early stages, so details on the plot or a possible title have not been disclosed.

The ‘Pokémon’ franchise is very popular on the streaming service. Currently, the Brazilian catalog includes’ Pokémon Journeys’, ‘Pokémon: Indigo League’, ‘Pokémon – The Movie: I Choose You!’, ‘Pokemon – The Movie: The Power of Everyone’, ‘Pokémon: Sun and Moon – Ultralegends ‘,’ Pokémon: Happy Birthday! ‘ and the recent original feature film ‘Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution’.

The film is a remake of the original “Pokémon: The Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back”, released in 1998.

After a science experiment results in the creation of a Mewtwo clone, he is launched into the world to destroy it. Ash and his friends then decide to put an end to the creature’s evil plans.

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