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Please Make This Cute Folding Electric Scooter, Honda



A patent image of a scooter designed by Honda.

Image: Honda

Back in the 1980s, Honda had this neat idea to fit a folding scooter into the trunk of its cars. This way, a driver only had to get their car to the edge of a city before pulling out the scooter and shooting into town without having to worry about parking. It was neat, and a certain type of car fan has been longing for the return of this Motocompo scooter ever since. Well now, it looks like Honda might be considering bringing back the foldable scooter in EV form.

According to a bunch of new patents uncovered by Cycle World, Honda is experimenting with the idea of creating a new folding electric scooter. And this isn’t a scooter like the folding ones you see stood up riders scooting round cities on. Instead, this one is meant for sitting on, and can even be strapped to other devices to create one mega scooter — it’s neat! Cycle World reports:

“The bike has an extremely short wheelbase, with the rider sitting almost above the rear wheel. The seat is movable and can be slid forward to make the bike smaller or shifted rearward for rider comfort.

“The patents also show that the bars and footplates can be folded to reduce the bike’s width when it’s out of use, and the combination of the sliding seat and folding parts means the machines can be packed closely together for transport or storage.”

An image showing three scooters strapped together.

It’s Time For Molecular Transmutation!
Image: Honda

If they ever make it into production, the little scooters would be battery-powered, with cells mounted beneath the seat. This, Cycle World suggests, means it could be a swappable unit to cut down charging times. Interestingly, Honda is already working on swappable batteries for electric scooters and has even started opening battery exchange sites in Japan.

That battery pack could be connected to a combined electric motor, transmission and swingarm unit, according to the patents.

And while so far, that all sounds like a pretty neat little scooter, it’s about to get a whole lot cooler. That’s because Honda wants riders to be able to leash several of these micro machines together to create some kind of scooter Megazord.

According to Cycle World, the scooters come with a second section in the footboard that can be flipped up and connected to a neighboring device. Cycle World reports:

“Honda’s patent shows how four bikes could be connected in a diamond pattern; the rider sits on the front bike, controlling and steering, while the remaining scooters trail behind. The scooters would also be electronically connected, so the unmanned bikes behind would respond to throttle inputs but also to steering commands. While their steering can’t move when trailing behind a lead bike, the cornering inputs of that lead machine would be transmitted to those following, so that the scooters on the left and right would alter their relative speeds during corners.”

A patent showing four small scooters strapped together.

May The Power Protect You.
Image: Honda

This might be billed as a neat way for one person to collect scooters and move them round town to wherever they’re needed. But, it also looks like a fun way to ride to the beach with your buds. I like it.

So while this is just a patent that doesn’t mean Honda will ever actually make the thing, I think it’s our collective responsibility to gather together and demand that they one day do.

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