Platinette, before and after: weight loss borders on the impressive



Mauro Coruzzi, better known as Platinette, told of the long and difficult path he lived to be able to lose those 70 kg in one year. The images are impressive, the before and after slimming will leave you very amazed.

The battle with food is hard to win if you are not determined. Who better than Platinette could win this battle? He has always maintained that you have to fight to improve and change, never give up if this is not the life you want.

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In a kind of motivating anthem for all those who suffer from compulsive hunger, Platinette wanted to tell about her weight loss. What he did and how he felt in the last period. Then he posted a picture of the diet before and after and you really couldn’t believe it.

Who is Mauro Coruzzi alias Platinette?

Mauro Coruzzi, better known as Platinette, is a radio and television host, as well as a very famous singer, actor and voice actor. He was born in 1955 in Langhirano and has a sister named Maura. His work career is very long, he participated in very famous programs such as the Maurizio Costanzo Show, Dancing with the stars, Amici, Afternoon five etc. One page would not be enough to describe all his professional experiences. On the other hand, his path of life was different, decidedly very troubled. From finding his identity to fattening up for love, men were as they wanted:

“I beat on the sidewalks, I beat in the street along the avenues, as they say in the songs. At school, I was said to be one of the top two in the class, and together we gave homework but with free cabbage, in exchange for performance. Intimidation? No physical aggression. I lived it afterwards. Verbal attacks to which I responded with I don’t know what courage. When I was twenty I started doing cabaret shows… I gained 50 kilos for a man, to seduce him, he wanted me like that and I exploded like a mine. Then there was a surgeon from Parma, he also likes them fat…”.

He finally found the right path

Platinette confessed with an open heart, without shame or hesitation. So, after explaining the reason for his overweight, he also told how this body no longer belonged to him, so with a drastic decision, he lost about 70 kg in a year.

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“… After a life full of commitments, I have to fight a difficult illness that has struck me and that I carry within me. It’s compulsive eating, even when I don’t really need it.” That’s why Mauro Coruzzi decided to undergo bariatric surgery to reduce the stomach. As you can see in the photo, our Platinette has never been so fit and happy and like today.

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